Bahamas Resident On Dorian: ‘We Have Never Heard Wind Like That’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Rashema Ingraham phones into MSNBC from Freeport, Bahamas, to describe the effects of Hurricane Dorian on her community.
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Bahamas Resident On Dorian: ‘We Have Never Heard Wind Like That’ | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. A storm that changes topography and geography is not normal. How many storms of the century does it take to convince the flat earthers that something is definitely wrong? Their wilful ignorance punishes us all.

    1. Billy Pardew yes, there were insane hurricanes during seasons thousands of years ago. There were volcanic eruptions that pumped CO2 into the atmosphere rather than humans.

      Coming from someone who grew up in the Bahamas, THIS was unheard of. Islanders typically do not have insurance, so they build their homes to a building code that puts American regulations to shame. These houses are built to withstand the annual beating the sea gives, and they were turned to toothpicks.

    2. @Alex Sikar what?? We do have insurance.. What are you talking about? One of the most destructive storms we’ve ever had was the hurricane of ’29. This was before we named hurricanes but remembered bad ones.. That particular one sat over the Bahamas for 3 days! I believe that we live on an old earth and that the earth is operating on cycles that have preexisted our means of measurement. It’s the equivalent of meeting someone for the first time, listening to stories about them from people who know them and then use those stories to try to predict every move they will take for the rest of their lives. It’s foolish

  2. I’m just glad that this devastating hurricane or the mass shooting or the ship fire that killed 30 people didn’t prevent t’rump from blowing off his trip to Poland so he could monitor things from his golf course. 😄😆😅😂

    1. Thomas Cawood Okay, the fact that you can’t even think of one thing that Trump has done for this country proves the absolute bias of the news media. Do you realize that China has come to the negotiating table on trade ? For three decades, our presidents have allowed us to be screwed by China. Same with Japan, we have a new trade deal. The economy is the best in a generation. We had more manufacturing jobs added in two years than the previous 8 combined. ISIS is destroyed. FINALLY we have someone bringing attention to the disasterous border policies. Get outside of your news bubble.

  3. Apparently after Hurricane Matthew they put in a superior electrical supply system, if it withstood Dorian. Kudos to the Bahamas for forward thinking.

    1. ruth depew The Bahamian power grid has never been superior due to the number of Cays. A running jokes about BP (Bahamas Power) is that it’s shorthand BYOP (Bring Your Own Power).

    2. @Alex Sikar I think he’s talking about Freeport power. Not BPL (Bahamas Power and Light) which is a running joke tbh

    3. @MR. O they can’t energize the area yet. Their protocol dictates that they shut down the power at the onset of the storm and when the flood waters subside and evaluations are made, then they will see about restoring power

  4. Hate this. Freeport is the only place, other than ocean waters around it, that I have ever visited in the Bahamas. That was many years ago but my heart goes out to them.

  5. I’ve been in winds of 65 mph which were fairly bad. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through what these people are going through with winds of 150 mph. It’s all very well looking at pictures but to be there is so much worse. I’m glad they’re helping each other stay as safe as they can. If only the blasted thing would move on so they can get the aid they need.

    1. Don’t you know MSNBC discourages thoughts and prayers? “We don’t need your dumb prayers, we need action!” That’s what I was told several times during the El Paso aftermath. A few pundits said the same thing.

  6. ​@jxiA​ Hoping for some human kindness to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. Hoping for the best for those still in harm’s way.. ​

  7. This is a lady with her priorities right and a mature, calm attitude. Respect to her. Circumstances were tough, and she kept her cool. 🖒

  8. I have a 95% chance feeling that they might retire this hurricanes name, Dorian because my mom said that in the Bahamas it literally left NOTHING. She was talking about there was an airport there and that….it’s gone. And it’s still not over as it goes to Florida, yikes. Its top wind speed was185 mph as it hit Bahamas, Maria was only..175..when it hit the Islands, dang

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