Battle For Labour: Jeremy Corbyn & Owen Smith In Final Labour Leadership Debate

The leadership rivals set out their vision for Labour's future in a debate moderated by Sky News Political Editor Faisal Islam.

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    1. UKIP….. founded by a cuck, funded by a cuck and doesn’t give a flying
      cuck about Britain as long as we have none of them foreigners (like your
      cucking ex-leaders wife)!

  1. Good day for Jezza. Thrashed May at PMQ’s then Smith here. May is terrible
    and probably has the most difficult job of any PM ever. I reckon the Tories
    could well go through a split every bit as ugly during these brexit

  2. If Labour had burned cash given to them by their supporters whilst
    producing and broadcasting sound advertisements on behalf of the
    Conservatives, the outcome would be the same. What a massive waste of time
    and money.

  3. Owen Smith. “Blah blah blah, Jeremy Corbyn bad, Blah blah blah, Jeremy
    Corbyn bad, Blah blah blah, Jeremy Corbyn bad.”
    Am I beginning to see a pattern here? Perhaps people would vote for Owen if
    he didn’t use every opportunity to put down another member of his own party
    and instead put forward good ideas and opposed the conservatives.

  4. Jeremy Corbyn will be our next elected UK and Labour Prime Minister .
    Please support and vote Corby and true labour :)

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