1. This “reporter” is a shill for the establishment. The first tweet was a reply directly to a point about black people. It wasn’t this young woman who made the argument racial.

    1. By the reporters OWN standards, asking the girl, “Why did you tweet on only black crime, why didn’t you tweet about WHITE crime, isn’t that racist”? By reporting on white crime, that would be racist too!…..by her OWN words! Idiot reporter!

  2. I sincerely thought CNN invited her to sit down for an honest interview. Should’ve known it was a way for them to attack another person because of their political belief.

    1. nick m. Actually had Kathy wore a hijab it would have made her immune to CNN criticism. In fact CNN would be calling her a victim. Isn’t that how it works?

    2. nick m. she stated she believes its digraceful to women who are actually oppressed in islamic states. How is that not a good reason to not promote that oppression?

    1. literally the most important facts and largest numbers but that goes against the leftist false narrative

    2. @nickoleme You lie like your father the devil, wrong low IQ liar blacks not only commit the most murder in the USA per capita they kill themselves the most( not whites like they cry about 24/7) they attack rape and murder non blacks the most( not the reverse) and commit the most hate crimes, your excuses don’t work loser LOL 13% of the population commits a disproportionate about of crime in every major category while carrying the most aids at 84% but lets try to ignore the facts and blame others so they can commit more crimes like setting young and old people on fire and raping senior citizens (which is some of their favorite crimes) besides theft and the knock out game.

    3. @zip91413 No, your argument does need statistics, otherwise it would be useless because you’re arguing against another statistics, so I assume that the “some leaders of Black lives matter” is your statistic. But you don’t think so, okay.
      You have no stats, you have assumption based on emotion, yeah, the mothers who lost their children are sad, my condolences, but the unfortunate thing is that “Black live matter” was just an abuse of of police data, aiming to ignite racial hate.
      Sorry, life isn’t fair, but it goes on, some die of misfire but don’t mistaken it as intentional homicide from the officers, that’s just despicable.
      So if you don’t tend to use stats, your argument crumbled. Just stick to making processing chip, man.

    1. Liii Kat it’s an opinion, yes there are a lot of shithole countries wether you like it or not, if you too sensitive I recommend getting rid of your phone or something.

    2. @Monte Raid that is true regarding your statement that there are many shithole countries, including some in asia. But you need to understand that she should never entered a pageant expecting to express herself in such a vulgar way. They prefer someone who can express themselves in an intellectual way, and with poise. I personally think she is an idiot, seeking attention, like a spoil brat.

    1. @Agolf Twittler Because ratings are actual numbers of all viewers, idiots.
      Polls are projected numbers based on the people who you poll alone, they can be rigged because it depends on who you poll. Mainstream media rigged it 3 years ago, 92%, that’s a major difference.
      Learn some math, idiot.

    1. I think its become such an integral part of our daily lives and people tend to post things they wouldn’t have said in person or just aren’t as careful with thier wordsor make a snap response that is worded poorly so its easy to take it out of context and cast a negative light on someone. Tbh we all need to realize that everything we put online is permanent and its not as private as we think if someone goes looking they will eventually find it

    2. @Spencer Green , Kathy Zhu posted a fact that’s backed up by public statistics (Annual FBI Crime Report). If somebody takes it out of context, it’s their fault,. not hers. First Amendment rights always apply to posting the truth.

    1. Leftsplaining.

      Usually, Leftsplaining starts with a REEEE and ends with an EEEEEE, so I give her credit for at least stepping up her game.

  3. 2:20 Actor/Reporter: This is why people think that has a ring if racism to it…..
    Kathy defends herself
    2:51 Actor/Reporter: Well first of all the pageant wasn’t calling you racist…lol

    1. She’s not in trouble some milk sipping millennials are triggered because she’s correct the statistics prove it.

    2. After this segment it is clear why CNN was so pro-Twitter a few years ago. They recognized the damage social media was going to produce on American society, and how they could drastically fan the flames of hate leveraging “news” stories off it. Twitter is as cancerous as CNN.

    3. @OUdaveguy Twitter is just a tool. It all depwnds on how you use it. It is a mirror and only reflects what’s inside. Good or bad it’s how you use it. Just like anything. Tools, guns, medicine, knives….

  4. CNN is disgusting. Just watching five minutes of this so-called journalist and her agenda-driven intellectual dishonesty grieves my soul.

    1. You must know how many tweets she deleted ? Despite saying that she stood by EVERY one of her Tweets that she POSTS.Must have been some ‘Contexts’ that she wanted to cleanse from her Twitter.

    1. Joshua Hutton Trump only won 52% of the Texan vote in 2016. Because of mass immigration from Mexico and Central America, he could lose Texas in 2020. So don’t be to sure about his reelection chances— Third World rats are doing everything in their power to crush Trump and White America.

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