Beto To Biden: Please Get For The People, John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Acts Passed

Beto O’Rourke urges President Biden to get the For the People and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement acts passed, ‘as quickly as you can,’ Monday on The ReidOut. The Texas legislature’s conservative agenda is also discussed by Democratic Texas St. Rep. Gina Hinojosa.
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    1. @i dont have time 2 reply Wrong. 4 officers said they didn’t think that the entire insurrection was organized. The FBI is still investigating, but they’d already proved that many groups like Proud Boys and other terrorists were organized. The orange traitor arranged for them and other to be there. There were maps of the complex given out to people. Alarm buttons were sabotaged. It’s irrefutably organized.

      Next time you try to lie, try not to rely on information that’s readily available. Just makes you look like a fascist traitor who is an enemy of America.

    2. @My Perspective You mean the white supremacist riots that happened during the BLM protests. You know, again, recorded fact.

    3. @My Perspective Nope. Everything I’ve said can be verified. Go read it. Then either shut up with your fascist lies, or at least come up with better ones.

    4. @Adam Taylor You’re trying to make up history it’s a lie. I have history books too. Fascism is a progressive movement

    1. @Nancy Ross the Economy was the best ever. Stop lying. Trump lives in your mind CULTIST. Demonic cult.

    2. @My Perspective It was in a recession under Trump. After his gross mishandling of the virus, the stock market tanked. When he left office, the economy was worse than when he was inaugurated. He was a failed president on every sense of the word. He increased the national debt exponentially, he robbed money from the military to pay for his impenetrable wall that just fell over in a rain storm, the wall is able to be climbed over by using a cheap ladder, there are no notes with alligators like he promised, Mexico has had to prop up the wall but they didn’t pay for it, he has drained the Social Security budget illegitimately taking monies to which all working people have contributed, and he never negotiated with the Afghan government, only the Taliban. He called Covid a Democrat hoax, a hoax from which over 610,000 Americans have died and are dying at unprecedented rates thanks to Republicsn governors deciding masks don’t work. He did encourage the production of a vaccine, but now none of his syncophants want to take it, and it is spreading rapidly through unvaccinated people. Would you call that a successful presidency? Objectively, l would not.

    3. @My Perspective .. retired from the marine corps after 16years , name any trump that has ever been in any kind of service ; and what about you , retired from the university of trump with a bone spur ,

    4. @Mila Fonoti I can try, but t bgg e minute anyone who is a Trumper goes deaf, dumb, and blind when confronted with facts rather than grandiosity grandiose lies.

    1. @Gary Katzenmaier the point is you are assuming that people in your own party need help filling in bubbles on ballots. A lot probably do.
      Ok genius, here is your chance, why don’t you do a little bragging on Biden and list some accomplishments of the Dementia in Chief. You guys completely destroy everything you touch. Conservative states are livid there is a mass exodus of democrats from states they already have destroyed to destroy conservative states. All you can say is at least Trump isn’t president? Shocking

  1. I asked every black person I know if they have an ID. They all said yes. Some were annoyed not by me but by condescending politicians who are pushing that fairytale

  2. I forgot about that, August 28th. Voting Rights Act 1965.
    It’s on a Saturday this year.
    I hope there are big rallies everywhere.

  3. Hopefully when the senate comes back . We won’t have to hear . From the progressives that we will block the John Lewis until the For the people act gets a vote . Or the opposite for the more moderate democrats. Like how mess up the 2 infrastructure bills in the house .

  4. OMG, they gonna ban or restrict the Plan B pill! That’s 😖 awful. Why do that? Keep your religious aspirations out of governing. Keep politicians out of deciding what women can do with thier bodies. It’s sick to want to push the whole country back in time to bad times.

  5. The problem with telling people to out-organize suppression efforts is that the very size of the turnout is cited by the other side as “evidence” of cheating.

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