Biden addresses child care and caregiving costs with executive orders | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden signed an executive order with 50 directives aimed at reeling in rising child care and caregiving costs.

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President Joe Biden is taking aim at rising child care and caregiving costs – and its scarce availability – with executive action Tuesday that looks to deliver on a campaign promise that has failed in Congress.

The White House billed the order as the most comprehensive ever taken by a president to expand care and lower costs. It includes directing federal agencies to identify grant programs to support child care and long-term care for individuals who are working on federal projects.

"No one should have to choose between caring for the parents who raised him, the children who depend on them, and the paycheck they rely on," Biden said before signing the order during a Rose Garden ceremony.

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  1. Old folk best demand ACCOUNTABILITY from the mercenary corporations running these facilities.
    As far as I can tell, many attract a very lazy, uneducated, disinterested quality of care.
    Greedy investors, little oversight, a recipe for abuse .
    Let’s pray for Whistleblowers to be compensated when they try to alert authorities…But don’t count on it.

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