Biden announces COVID vaccine mandates for businesses, federal workers | USA TODAY

The president unveiled a new "six-pronged strategy" to contain COVID-19 in the U.S with the growing threat of the Delta variant.


The speech – which laid out a "six-pronged strategy" focused on sweeping vaccination requirements for federal workers and companies with more than 100 employees, increasing school safety protocols and making coronavirus testing more accessible.

The new plan is expected to affect about 100 million workers in the USA.

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    1. @Crown Uk if I’m not mistaken not in texas a women doesn’t have a choice for abortion any more, thanks to abbott. I do not agree with that law nor do I agree with mandates on vaccines……and I’m not an anti- vaxer…

    2. @Ethan Zigan That is the policy for ALL the vaccines that military personnel receive. It isn’t just COVID, and it has always been that way. My Grandfather served during WW2 in the South Pacific, he said he didn’t think they’d ever quit putting needles in his arms & tookus! LOL

    3. @Annie Garza Funny, I have several friends in Texas, (Irving, Temple, El Paso, Galveston) and they say that isn’t true. One of them is being treated with chemo for ovarian cancer and she says she doesn’t have a problem getting in to get it. One has COPD and has to make several trips a month to the ER and be admitted and he has yet to have a problem getting a room. I live in Ga and was just in the hospital a few weeks back. No problem getting a room.

  1. Can anybody point to one time in history that the people pushing propaganda , censorship and demanding papers to move freely in society were the good guys.

  2. Remember when Joe said that he wouldn’t mandate vaccine? Sort of like when he said that only dictators use executive order.

    1. @Mike Warner Still no excuse for abortion. A baby that is the result of a rape is just as much of a victim of that rape as the woman who was raped. You don’t murder victims of crimes.

    1. @Tracy Anderson what is your plan? Living on savings? Looking for smaller business to work for? (Asking genuinely)

    2. I Totally agree. Don’t care if this vax is FDA approved. Only one. Still unsure about. So why… Why are the pushing so hard for everyone to get vaxed. Its not about saving ppl around you. Its about taking OUR freedom away & power. Control and money. This dude Sucks.

  3. “An unconstitutional act is not law, it confers no rights, affords no protection, creates no office, it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as having never been passed” -Norton V Shelby County

  4. This is the same guy who said it would be ludicrous to take “The Trump vaccine”. He has no morals, no values. I pity the fools who still think this has anything to do with covid, especially when vaccinated people are still catching it.

    1. @comfortably numb Look for “It’s happening now but no one’s paying attention.” But no I just playing cause your name. Don’t use that if your vaxed. He stands for the people United we stand Divided we fall. And not for this. You want division!

    2. @disturbedbiatch9 0 no, I don’t want division at all. I hate it. But watching people fall for the scam of a lifelong criminal conman makes me realize it may be hopeless. The hypocrisy is sickening and endless. The other side has their own problems too. I’m not a member of either party. I wish people would wake up and realize what trump really is, and it’s not what he pretends. It’s hard to understand why people don’t see his history and understand that he’s just a liar and scam artist.

    3. @comfortably numb I said nothing of Trump. Grow up! I trust God not a stupid man. I care for everyone. I can’t be vaxed. I die. I’ll take a bullet first. I’m cool if you want me dead, Have a nice day.

    4. @comfortably numb I agree. And that’s what you are doing. Falling for a scam. Look up Shawn Brooks. Your in for a surprize!

    5. @comfortably numb Oops! I’m sorry Dr. Shawn Brooks. Phd..wrote 23 books and knows about what you put in your body. Do your research! You can’t keep on topic. Your all over. 2-5 yrs..

    1. @John Bumpus people of color are those Democratic candidates. People of color are also politicians, and some of them may support BLM. Why do conservatives use this “they’re just taking advantage of you” mentality. They are US. We are them! Stfu

  5. “This is not about freedom or personal choice. Whaddya think this is, some kind of Democracy or something ?”
    – _illegitimate_ President Joe “you ain’t Stalin” Biden

    1. @Dividius “Joe the border is imaginary Biden. Joe white hate is okay Biden.” – wow, a post from an actual celebrity. Hi, Mayor Lightfoot.

      “On the planet I come from, we don’t have a gun problem. We execute dissidents with the Centaurian Death Stare. It’s environmentally friendly.”
      – Mayor Lori “ET” Lightfoot

    2. @John McLaine you sound insane why don’t you just calm down there. No need to be so angry. Biden is doing a bad job. They are instigating racial divide and the border is a problem. I’m allowed to comment on these matters I did not say anything hateful I just poked fun at the guy.

  6. I live in CA….when Trump was in office…signs and bumper stickers everywhere “presidents are not kings, executive orders are for dictators” crickets now

    1. They got the king they wanted, but somehow they are not so happy to have the tyranny that accompanies a totalitarian regime.

    2. @A Guy True enough. I had a polio vaccine at birth (1967). This vaccine doesn’t require now a “booster” and that vaccine had decades of reserach behind it. I believe Covid is real. I believe it kills people. If people are not in the high risk group, they should have that choice. Just my take. They should call it a Covid shot because vaccines *implies* immunity. We were all told that if we just get the vaccine…back to normal. Now we have boosters……and other varients from Vietnam, and other areas starting. Close the border? You’re a racist. Don’t get the vaccine, you’re killing everyone. Do get the vaccine and you still get it? Not the vaccines fault (it kind of is) that science proved was going to stop this…its someone elses fault. Big pharma is getting rich.

    3. I also live in Ca los Angeles and most people that i know and meet vote Red, I hope Elder winning will change the Ca stereotype

    1. And did you believe him

      Surely not. Biden has been in office close to 60 years
      Ever word that has came from his mouth within them years has been lies
      Lies upon more lies.

      As the saying goes a tiger does not change its strips
      It’s sad to know the country would just vote for someone not even studying up on who there voteing for.
      But I’d say meny just voted for creepy joe couse Harris was running with him a WOMAN vice president
      That was more then likely the only reason that Mr creepy got any votes it definitely was not couse he is honest, American loving,

      When Biden says one thing belive the opposite that’s how to know bidens truth

    2. Ya it’s like he used facts and data to update his opinion.. what a lame like who needs that let’s go off our first thoughts like trump said it will he over last summer not a big deal at all .. .. maybe if trump didnt lie than we wouldn’t even have to worry about it .. but you seem like the kind of person who is always right problem a doctor and a lawyer.. I mean u must be a morn for sure but hey if its said once than it is true … so ya your a moron

    3. Only 3 weeks old and already able to comment on YT? Wow they aren’t kidding about how fast kids are picking up tech today..

  7. I loved the “we’re going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated” statement. Makes perfect sense. Best argument for the mandate I’ve heard yet. 😂😂😂

    1. Or him admitting fully vaccinated people are still being hospitalized lmao the vaccine sure seems to work well

  8. Only the beginning, it’s your right to choose not his. Taking our freedom a small piece at a time,pretty soon there is nothing left to take

    1. @Dividius Itsjust…15 days

      Itsjust…30 days

      Itsjust…until we get a vaccine




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