Biden continues to push for Paul Whelan’s release, White House says | USA TODAY


    1. I guess people with lesser sentences, are homosexual, and non white, the USA (liberal party) will get you out, AND I LEAN LEFT. Smfh

    1. @Santiago what’s worst is that her bs crime as you call it was compared to a weapons dealer crime hmm…. someone might assume it could possibly be because of her idk sexual orientation or skin color or even perhaps the way her hair looks who knows right

  1. Paul Whelan has already served four years in prison. America need to bring both of them home. Brittney Home after Nine months prison. Was this deal equal nope. Viktor Bout is free to!

  2. I can just hear the conversation in the Oval Office. Let’s see, do we bring home the white military veteran or the lesbian woman of color? 🤔

  3. Would’ve been better to bring noone at all n not give away an arms dealer just cuz of that y’all gotta stop trying yo take our guns then you wonder how they end up on the street maybe cuz y’all cause that

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