1. Will the press never learn the danger of playing up the drama of the moment?? I understand the business aspect of news production but am incredibly frustrated with how much that disrupt the business of governing,

  2. It was heartbreaking to hear about a 19 year old losing his life in his basement apartment in New York. We must place responsibility squarely on the shoulders of our Federal Senators who have been so reluctant to spend any money at all to maintain or upgrade the country’s infrastructure. Now, the spotlight should not be on Pelosi, who is merely trying to put things right once again, but it should be on those leaders (?) in the Senate who have failed to perform the basic functions of administering government. It does take money to run a large country like America. If they can’t handle it, they need to leave.

    1. TBH you’re really not supposed to have a basement apartment in New York they just changed that law about a year ago and legally for the reason that there is no fire escape or if you’re flooded you can’t do anything about it

  3. Trump shat on the Constitution for 4 straight years and a few months into Biden’s presidency it’s critical? Fuuuuhhhhkkkk….if you didn’t have to overreact for ratings..

    1. @Titanium is Magical well , your fearless leader sleepy creepy joe needs to be in a retirement home eating applesauce on Thursdays and playing Bingo on Fridays. Weakest president ever !!! Keep defending your cognitive leader it makes you look stupid

  4. And forget the Senate! They’ve proven they have no interest in passing what we all desperately need. F the Senate. Just do it already.

  5. These politicians are so good at playing crooked and often criminal games, but how many can actually play chess? My bet is none…,😆 🤣 😂 😹!!!

  6. Many ppl who were eligible to leave Afghanistan since May 1 chose to stay, but now are crying fowl. Sounds like a non-vaxxer who caught covid and now on a ventilater telling ppl to get
    vaccinated…, WTF ???

  7. God bless President Joe Biden the Trump nightmare is still being digested Democratic democracy is our best medicine

  8. I’m surprised (well, not actually) at the huge number of people here who have not got the first idea about what the difference is between a Federal Budget and a Domestic budget. Sad.

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