Biden reaffirms alliance with Israel | USA TODAY


  1. The United States pays for 20% of Israel’s military budget while Israel has a space program, universal health care, and still runs a budget surplus for six of the last ten years….

    1. @Uncle Timo Um no Ukraine is not a NATO member, there for NATO and the U.S. have no business adding Ukraine.

  2. I thought he was going to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil guess he needed approval from Jews first.

  3. I honestly do not believe he will be president much longer.. either the Grim Reaper is going to sneak up on him.. though I doubt he’d have to sneak at all . …or Hunter’s self documentary video of his fucked up life Will cause him to Stroke Out.. .🤣😂.. either way..a Win Win👍

    1. He was one of them too, if parochial school taught me anything. Pretty sure I heard the entire bible twice by the age of 12. They didn’t allow me to raise my hand and ask any verbal questions after that.

    1. @Håkan Petersson i cant deny that some negotiations were less then honest. from both sides. but you cant deny that israel gave territories for piece for ejypt and jordan. even if many thought of this as betrayel (religioun in action). we also left gaza and started seperating on the oslo accord. sadly the fanatics won since its easier to destroy then to build. our PM was killed for his actions. and buses exploded all over israel. and for years later thousands of rockets stabing ect. and those killers from both side made it clear enough that only our death will please them. sadly those voices in gaza are the norm. of corse because of the situation there that bring those extremes. but then again im just saying that you cant put ll the blame of the situation on israel and israel did try few times to end the conflict even if not in recent years

    2. @ofir tal Yes, I acknowledge that Israel traded egyptian territories they were not entitled to for peace (but broke their promise to grant West Bank and Gaza full autonomy). Jordan didn’t regain any of the territories it previously controlled.

      The purpose of leaving Gaza was never to built trust with the purpose of signing a peace built on two states. The purpusoe was the opposite: to freeze the peace process. In order to do this Sharon concentrated on cementing israeli presence in the West Bank. Gaza was now much easier to control when israeli settlers were removed.

      So yes, i put the blame on Israel. Israel, not Palestine rejects a two state solution that is voted on with overwhelming support in the UN General Assembly each year.

      Also: Israel, not Palestine and not even Hamas and other militants in Gaza usually initiate violence in and around Gaza. Hamas rarely responds. Since the last palestinian rocket fired almost four weeks ago, Israel has on multiple occasion fired at palestinian fishermen and farmers, making land incursions into Gaza arresting dozens, all this without palestinian retaliation.

    3. @Håkan Petersson well some of what you said is true and some not. doesnt realy matter. so much false info out there and so many ways to see and display somthing. like 1948 war for example… im sure its not black and white and if in this kind of conflict you only blame one side then not only you are wrong but the all argument will just stay as a blaming game with no other purpose. its counter productive. just like saying that israel got no right to exist or that there is no such a thing as a palestinian.

    4. @Håkan Petersson You know….. when people all over the world say

      “Build a New Jerusalem”

      the last thing on their minds is building another Arab town😂😂😂

      They are talking about King David’s eternal Capital of the Jewish nation .

      When the Muslims Arabs stole this land and placed a gold dome over the holiest place anywhere in the world for Judaism, did they think that was the end of the story? Did they think they would have the land forever?

  4. How did Joe get permission from Tlaib to do this? He is going to get chewed up and spit out again on the tarmac when he gets back to DC.

  5. I’m glad he’s so committed to the security of a country he doesn’t live in! It would also be nice if he cared about the security of the US though.

  6. Israel will fight Iran to the very last American. And for some reason, Americans applaud this. Our number one ally people! NEVER FORGET THE USS LIBERTY!!!

    1. @Moi Suomi Of course, you are a deceitful liar. It was a US ship and the Israelis were well aware of it. And they bombed it and attacked it afterwards for more than an hour after the initial attack.

    2. @C Lee And I say it was justified. Even the survivors new that what they did was wrong. It didn’t matter what ship came through, it was in for a dark treat

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