Biden To Address Afghanistan Crisis In Afternoon White House Remarks

NBC News' Mike Memoli reports on what to expect from President Biden's just-announced afternoon address on Afghanistan.

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Biden To Address Afghanistan Crisis In Afternoon White House Remarks


  1. So basically Joe has been given enough time to come up with an explanation that won’t include his accountability for this disaster.

    1. @Harry Mills lol enraging Afghans, the promise the Taliban made was upheld so I really don’t see why your panties are a knot

    2. @Harry Mills I love how you go on and on about how great trump is yet you attack Biden for deciding to follow trumps policy of withdrawing troops 🤣🤣🤣🤡 it was inevitable that the Taliban would take over which is what biden was told and which is why trump was negotiating with the ONLY the Taliban and not with the affgab government. it’s why trump only invited the Taliban to CAMP DAVID and not the Afghan government. what was unexpected was how quickly the Afghan gave up without a single shot

    3. @Harry Mills Biden had been in talk with ALL parties about delaying the withdrawal months before the May 1 deadline and they all agreed to postpone it look it up. so the argument you people keep making about the May deadline holds no water

  2. In his statement today Biden will most likely blame Trump, not take any questions, then go out for an ice cream cone.

    1. @Carl Fisher its not about who invaded. Not talking about who invaded so not talking about Bush or Obama. Neither of them had a hand in the withdrawal.

    1. Dr Fauci said %50 percent have been vaccinated. They are currently working with a Taliban rapper,making a music video to drive home that narrative.

  3. Remember when Nancy Pelosi “accepted responsibility” for violating mask rules by BLAMING the salon owner?
    Joke Xiden is s Democrat too so EXPECT MORE BLAME SHIFTING

    1. Did and still would. He inherited this entire mess from the GOP. Bush/Cheney Started it in 2001. Trump started the withdrawal in Fall of 2020 and Biden completed it because it is still the right thing to do.

    2. @Travis Kidd Trump did nothing but talk about it for 4 years, similar to his healthcare replacement and peace in the middle east. All BS

    1. He’s supposed to wait until the moment it has the greatest political benefit for the “reelection” of President Harris. She can’t keep her head down for the next 3 years if she’s made President now. It’s too early. She’ll be completely exposed by then — and let’s face it, she’s not exactly been inspiring a lot of confidence with her “skills” down at the Vice president level.

    1. A bartender called me racist once Idk what I did I just told them my pillows are superior IE I was superior to them

  4. What Biden needs is another green screen press conference, with the reporters microphones going through his hands.

    1. Everything is fake! reality is a lie! The Truman show was based off Harry Truman the creator of the mega dome we all live in!

    1. @Erica Espinosa Trump had been withdrawing troops per request of almost the world and got it down to 2500 without incident. Joe had 7 months to get the rest out. Give me a break. Read more ….

    2. @Erica Espinosa yeah creating a mass exodus where people decide to hang onto the side of planes is the right thing. Have a plan first moron. We left people behind.

  5. JB: “But…but, how did the Taliban know the exact details of how and when we were leaving Afghanistan?”
    Aid: “You told them Mr. President, on national TV, back in April.”
    JB: “Ohhhh….was _that_ what that was all about?”

  6. Biden needs to deal with the humanitarian crisis he created, instead he’s still choosing to run away from it, blaming Trump, blaming the Afghan Army. A leader would have fixed the problem regardless of who created it.

    1. The people who voted for Biden don’t care as long as they get their stimulus checks. Stimulus check for your rights. Biden voters- OK

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