Biden To Recommend Covid Vaccine Booster Shots As Delta variant Rages

The U.S. is seeing its highest Covid infection surge in six months due to the Delta variant. The Biden administration is expected to recommend booster shots for most Americans to help protect against the surge. MSNBC Science Contributor Laurie Garrett tells Lawrence O’Donnell, “The United States is a breeding ground for new forms of virus because we have a substantial percentage of our population that is not vaccinated.”  
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    1. @Phil The FDA *_IS_* Big Pharma. Their approval means less than nothing. You are ultra-naive if you don’t know this.

    2. @robotron17 FDA approval means nothing? Well I hope you never eat unprocessed foods, never take over the counter drugs, or never have and never will require medical attention.

      You people love your blanket statements.

    3. If you guys aren’t familiar with cdc “summary of shielding approach” just google n PLEASE read it! u don’t have to guess what’s coming it’s all there b or get prepared God bless 🙏🏼

    1. @BunzeeBear when did the unvaccinated all-of-a-sudden overnight become an extremly dangerous walking disease vector? Only the Sheep are capable of being permanently brainwashed by mainstream media It’s easier to fool people than convince people that they’ve been fooled.

    1. @carlos Mendez Yeah you’re out of the loop cdc was on a few hours ago recommending boosters.
      by I Kimura · 2021 — Here we reveal that the spike protein of the Lambda variant is more infectious and it is attributed to the T76I and L452Q mutations

    2. @Mother Hen I understand that. The thing is that you’re not making a point. Yes, viruses mutate, that is why we get annual flu shots every year. That is the same reason we will probably get annual covid vaccines as well.

    3. Of course your friend routinely saw many deaths at a nursing home. Why is he/she surprised that frail people may die at a high rate for any particular reason?

    4. @Ron Smith I wonder why she is concerned since she would be more aware than you of whats going on. Interesting isn’t it?

    5. @Mother Hen She would be aware of what’s going on in the nursing home. She made you aware. You made her awareness a part of your comment on the video. Now we are also aware of what your friend said she was aware of. 

      All that awareness aside, what’s actually interesting is not if we readers are less aware than your friend, but your lack of an explanation of the significance of her observation. That’s what I asked you for twice. No meaningful response yet. What point are you trying to make about the deaths?

    1. @Kendogg Or you can do some real research and thinking and not compare anything happening in America today with things that happened in 1933-1945 Nazi Germany. Your nonsensical over-dramatization diminishes your credibility.

    2. @Ron Smith You’ll see in time. You are truly blinded if you think any of this is about a virus and keeping people safe. In the meantime, you should continue to do as your CDC says and line up for your booster shots.

    3. @Kendogg Thank you for the advice about the booster shots. Hopefully, you won’t have to line up for an available hospital bed to become available to take care of you when you get covid. When you go to the ER for relief, better bring something to read. You might be squatting on that curb outside the locked ER door for a while.

    4. @Ron Smith Been working in a hospital this entire time. I actually just got back from our ICU. If I catch it, I catch it. That’s assuming I already haven’t. Fortunately, I’ll have a 99+% survival rate.

      In the meantime I’ll continue to work out every morning, stick to my diet, spend times with friends and family, and continue to enjoy this summer.

    1. Dementia Joe doesn’t remember what he ate for breakfast. He produces an aerosol of Lies when he opens his mouth

  1. If the Biden administration really cared for Americans and the delta virus he would close and contain the chaos at the southern border

    1. Actually Mexico did close the border so no Americans could get in “cause they are the sickos” and the Mexican health system could not handle that load. The U.S. leads the world in the number of deaths and Mexico is in 4th spot as it has a smaller population. India which has a Billion more people than the U.S is in 3rd spot. Yet the U.S. is leading in deaths. China also has a Billion more people than the U.S. and its death rate is not that high either.
      . When the U.S. wants to “truck up”, they go all out. Even in death. This would be at least Sharknado23

    2. @BunzeeBear no Americans are trying to get though the southern border illegally it’s the other way around

  2. In my limited research thus-far, scientist are stating that there is not enough historical data on the two shots effects on the human body, let alone now a THIRD!!!. WOW, literally gives one a feeling of the “SHOT in the DARK”

    1. I can’t wait for NYC to start revoking people’s access to goods and services by disabling their vax pass because they didn’t get the latest update.

  3. So here’s my truth. I am old and overweight. Saying I’m overweight is being kind. I do not have a medical degree. I am amazed by all the media, politicians and youtubers that do. I would never believe that I know so much as to give medical advice to someone I don’t know. I am amazed again at all the smug sanctimonious media, politicians and liberals who feel they are qualified. When I was 11 some one damaged my back. Badly. Only one of my lungs actually functions. I will not survive even a mild case of covid provided in the vaccine. I stay home. Not much fun but for me it’s both necessary and possible. Please talk to a medical professional about your situation and make an informed decision. Do not allow the non medical liberal bullies to make decisions for you. Do what is best for you and then take responsibility for your decision.

    1. They have low testing rates and no death registry but had a crippling Third Covid wave in June. It has calmed down snd they are reporting cases in the 100’s. See Worldometer

  4. Requiring COVID booster shots will also require an adjustment in joey’s numbers since 0% of Americans will be “fully” jabbed.

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