Black Trump voter: I still support the President

Pennsylvania voters react to President Donald Trump's racist tweets directed at four Democratic congresswomen. #CNN #News


    1. @Tempting Fate 🤣Yeah right! What r u? Their accountant? They’re global network… they make more bank than u *think*

    1. @andrew chambers He said he was a Trumo voter. He said he supports Trump. He said he is conservative and grew up in a conservative family. He said he will vote Trump because he is a businessman and doesn’t want to lose his economic gain recieved under Trumps legislation. The only part where I can see you saying he was a plant and not a true Trump supporter was his 2nd and final reply that was cutt off. It seemed as if he was going to chastise Trump and if you understand the Media, THATS WHY HE WAS CUTT OFF at that point. To make you think he along with other supporters are faltering in support of Trump, which is not True. Trump supporters are with him till the end. Yes a select few will leave but not a significant amount.

  1. :59 – 1:08 Van asks a
    (judge a book by its cover)
    type question mixed with a biased opinion.
    CNN’s obvious biases only grows more obvious.

  2. When you can put values of respect and dignity over profit, you were raised right. Regardless of a Rep. or Dem. color, gender, family.
    It’s true that every form of refuge has it’s price!

    1. Pat Jenkins Unfortunately, it’s hard to work with people who don’t share your values. That’s why other countries have started to isolate and team up against the US in some issues because they can’t trust that the US values what it says it does.

    2. Pat Jenkins The EU is in a trade war with the US and they are also trying to combat the US sanctions on countries honoring the Iran nuclear deal. That’s just two examples, we also have multiple examples of countries simply not keeping the US in the loop because it’s too unreliable, for example the EU teaming up with former USSR countries against Russia, also Australia getting a lot nearer its neighbors in the South East Asian region in its efforts against China since the US can’t keep its promises of keeping China out of the South China Sea and out of interference in Australian politics.

  3. Black voter is lost and loves voting against his best interests. He would rather vote with White Supremacists. Lol! 😑

  4. people have been risking their lives to get into this country long before trump was president. its not because as he said “the economy is doing good” 😕

  5. Like how they cut off the black man from the rest of his opinion. Where is the full interview.

    1. @Ka Bar Brother very dispicable but house slaves tried to stop underground railroad they reported to the master very dispicable isnt it

    2. Hand Job, no. I will not shut up just because you don’t want to listen. You don’t want to read what someone has to say, move tf on.

    3. @Ka Bar Brother No, he’s just that sad specimen of black who wants desperately to be white so thinks if he votes so far away from his own interests, it’ll magically happen. Bottom line, anyone who supports an OPENLY RACIST politician is a racist themselves.

    4. Shirley, how long ago was that? More than a century, right? No person alive today either was a slave or owned them. To call that man a “house slave” makes a mockery of how far forward blacks have struggled to get to this point.

      Oh, and for your information; my ancestor (Duncan) enlisted in the US Marines, specifically to end slavery, because it was an abhorrent institution. While Duncan was fighting in the military, his wife and sons operated an extension of the Underground Railroad coming here to Boston. But screw us, right? We’ve never done anything for anyone, right? GFY.

    5. @Ka Bar Brother I love the way white ppl suddenly value blk opinion wow times really have changed dwl

    1. ​@Tommy Trillfiger So you’d rather want human population and to be destroyed, than Trump to be President? 😮 Nice logic- very alarming

  6. Think of what the democrats have done for you they take your vote and dump you back in the ghetto over and over again. Like the man said what have you got to loose vote Trump.

    1. @Nic Well said Sir.
      Yours is an increasingly unusual, nay rare view in your country from what us outsiders see. The regular TV images of those dung beetles standing behind Trump at what nothing more than election rallies is hugely disappointing to the rest of the free world…knowing that your nation has finally surrendered its honour…and for what….a near neanderthal, racist, misogynist, lying, cheating, narcissistic, unintelligent and self centred POTUS…..who, to us on the outside looking in…appears to be having great success to reducing untold milkions of your fellow countrymen into the western equivalent of the jmindless jihadists that we traditionally despise in other arenas….Change the flag, lose the headgear, and chant an unintelligible , mindless slogan or two, and frankly we see all to many of those seeming as being every bit as potentially harmful to peace and harmony in the world as the most evil regimes elsewhere of recent history . Make no mistake, millions around the world now feel serious cause to despise large sections of your countrymen…..and who will merely end up dividing your ‘ UNITED’ states as never before by accepting the word of your leader…and on any subject you care to choose.
      How DID america fall so far in the eyes of the world…and even in what were formerly THE friendliest of allies ?

    2. @ROBERT MCCLAIR That is an easy answer. There are some white people in this nation that see minorities as a threat and trump seized on that opportunity. Not to mention, many felt stifled by the regulations implemented during the recession.

      Some Americans who have a ton of privilege feel underprivileged because others who do not look like them have taken some positions of power and are exceeding the expectations some thought they should have.

      Another issue is that the racial tension here has only festered, and while countless individuals here think that because America elected Obama twice, meant that America was doing better, it actually wasnt.

      There is this idea that America is better than every other nation and that nonwhites who were born here or immigrated here should be thankful to be here. They believe that to dare mention the faults this country has is to be unamerican and to use examples of how other nations are fairing better than we, is a sign that we hate this country.

      I will not deny that I do not care for this country but I have to ask why should I when I have more than enough evidence to prove that many people in this country do not want me here? And what is worse is that I was born here. So essentially, I am not wanted in my own home.

    3. @Nic Uneducated. You know what they say, the more opinions you have the less you see. Wasting tax dollars? Hope you were complaining under Obama too then. How are the largest Democratic cities in America doing? Oh that’s right they tossed away their values for chump change and threw the middle class under the bus.

    1. Charles, I hear some racism and jealousy in your comment. Why would you call an intelligent black male that has succeeded in life a plant?
      The man obviously saw through the bullshit lies that black people are being discriminated against and he took advantage and went after his dreams and succeeded.
      Anyone in America, regardless of color, can succeed here. It’s all here for the taking Charles!

  7. A young successful African American willing to sell his soul for his green, his momma must be so proud.

    1. Nice of you to admit that the alternative is some incompetent democrat that would send the economy into a plummet. Nice of them to offer free healthcare to illegals who never paid into our system, plus they want absolutely open borders, as if we can afford to give healthcare to everyone when we are already over 22.5 TRILLION in debt.

  8. What a bunch of actors….lol that guy isn’t really a trump supporter. He makes trump look bad. Why don’t they have candace Owen’s on…

    1. They are waaaay too scared to have her on. She would shut down the entire Clown News Network lol

  9. Trump didn’t say anything about race… sorry.. he said ‘go back to your country, make it better then come back and tell us how it’s done’.

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