Blackstock: Vaccine Mandates ‘Only Way’ To Get Out Of Pandemic

MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Uché Blackstock urges the White House to incentivize businesses and employers to enact vaccine mandates.

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Blackstock: Vaccine Mandates 'Only Way' To Get Out Of Pandemic


    1. @NPC #1138 – Honorary Rooftop Korean You can’t blame vaccinated people for the way they make you feel. Vaccinated people have the right to shun and ostracize unvaccinated people. It was shortsighted and unreasonable of unvaccinated people to believe they alone had the freedom to make choices. I have the right to my feelings about unvaccinated people, I have the right to express those feelings and you have the right not to like it. Choice is not a one-way street.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas ignoring all the data about the cost/price of this so called life saving vaccine is really simple minded. And blindly trusting some experts/officials (with a history of lying and plenty of conflicts of interest) while ignoring other experts and legitimate criticism is far worse and kills more.

    3. @Your God I hope your joking.. Nobody wants a civil war over vaccines and the pandemic. That would be exactly what the oligarchs and dictators want.

    4. @newmove which msm new clip or medical study would you like me to procure for you? I give ya 1 or 2 but then you got to do your own research and go down the rabbit hole alone.

  1. No! This is America! You can’t force me to care about Americans! It’s unconstitutional!
    I have the God-given right to spread the plague to all my neighbors and their children!

    1. When you’re indoctrinated enough to call this the plague than its probably time to do some deep self reflection..

    2. @One Day At a Time plague – noun: /plāg/ – a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and kills many people.
      plural noun: plagues. 
      Argue with Merriam and Webster if you have an issue with the meaning of words.

    1. @newmove well since most other counties arriving protests and mandate push back i guess the Trump and Gop influence extends to every nation huh. Or Israel that has 90% vaccinations, a huge surge in new cases, and 70% of those being fully vaccinated. So the data shows everyone handled this poorly and people are unhappy regardless of their nation or political beliefs. 🤔. And finally, legit criticism of the big pharma/govt vaccine push and effectiveness should not be censored or discouraged as the science I very much of for debate even in the scientific community.

    2. It’s because of the last guy the vaccine was even created atelier than expected. Your guy is in charge now. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY NOW 💁‍♂️

    3. @Angelo Jones “legit criticism of the big pharma/govt vaccine push and effectiveness should not be censored or discouraged”
      Who’s doing that? No one I’m aware of. You’re conflating issues to justify a narrative. Your propaganda has failed!

  2. Freedom to speak lies and brain wash others with no repercussions is not advancing America.

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 632,606 Covid deaths with 700 more each day.

  4. Let’s put more “public health” in the hands of private businesses – what could possibly go wrong? Once again, the only thing that can save us from capitalism, is more capitalism.

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