BREAKING: Donald Trump HUMILIATES Mitt Romney! 11/27/16

BREAKING: Donald Trump HUMILIATES Mitt Romney! 11/27/16
Mitt Romney releases public apology to Donald Trump – November 27, 2016


    1. Mickey Shaw ROFL God has Chosen TRUMP and he has a sense of humor as you
      can see.. I hope he likes his humble pie.

  1. Awww save it Satan you are not getting in with TRUMP. Eat your CROW devil..
    This is a Christian man FOLKS a SERPENT SEED DEVIL.. Wolves in sheep’s
    clothing.. Jesus warned us of these snakes..

  2. Please, if there is a God, let Mitt reading his apology be the opening act
    on the Trump victory tour.

  3. I laughed WITH you all the way through this. BUT, regardless of his
    Besides that, it was all Bullcrap! What an Effing Turd he is.

  4. My feelings about this statement can only be described using the iconic
    words of Flava-Flav when he says, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!”

  5. Secretary of State? NO DAT GUM WAY!!! That little woosey boy would do
    whatever the evil ones want him to! Look what Hillary did! If Trump just
    ‘played’ him ROTFLOL good one Trump!!

  6. ”I could have said – Mitt, drop to your knees! – and he would have dropped
    to his knees”.
    – Donald Trump

  7. I’m not into humiliating people, even if they deserve it. Congrats to
    Donald for being the winner he is and I knew he was, and it’s good that
    Romney has apologized. That’s the right thing to do.

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