Can a woman win the presidency? Bernie Sanders answers on the debate stage | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren attempt to settle dispute on debate stage.
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Senators Sanders and Warren are given an opportunity to clarify what was reported as a disagreement over whether a woman can win.

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    1. @A B I’m surprised you even know what a soccer ball looks like much less kicking you resort to childish comments instead of real substance.let me guess your a left wing mellinial nutjob.

    2. @A B your obviously not a Christian and have vial reaction to the Bible,I think you need to find god.i will be praying for your soul and that you find true wisdom through the Lord,amen!

    3. @S&A G you’re one to talk about childish comments, earlier you endorsed beating and raping women.

      And no actually, I’m an independent. I can see that both the left and the right are lying to us for their own personal gain.

    4. @S&A G  S&A G  I am a Christian, and I don’t need you praying for me. The only reaction I had to the Bible was you using it as a weapon of hate to degrade women. For someone who claims to be a Christian, it seems as though you forgotten the Golden rule: do unto others as you wish others would do unto you. Do you think that Jesus would support beating and raping women? I don’t think so.

      I don’t think you really do believe in God. I think you use God as a way of putting down other people who you deem lesser than you and defending your disgusting ideas.

      Also you never gave me more examples proving that women are more corruptable than men. It’s almost as if you don’t even believe your own lies.

    5. @Raziel Moreno lol! We as Christian’s passed the emancipation proclamation act passed by a republican Senate( ratified 1865)and democats voted against it, it’s called the 13 amendment.and also the very first slave owners here was a black man. Try your luck again and go for another spin! PS his name is Anthony Johnson. Tobacco farmer extrodinaire, he had the right to own slaves granted by the Virginia Commonwealth.

  1. Most clickbait title if I ever saw it. Of course a woman can win, just not a criminal like Hillary and a cheat and liar like Warren.

    1. @Kay Ramos And they wonder why we lose to the likes of Trump and Bush. We need candidates that will wake the world up like Bernie…not Sleepy Joe or Lying Liz.

    2. @M R There is that fear mongering and phony prophetic nonsense that Trump sold to you guys LOL!
      Please let us know WHEN Mexico will pay for the wall instead of US 😉

  2. What a dirty trick. CNN is hosting the debate but two days before it they do a smear campaign against one of the candidates. Talk about conflict of interest.

    1. Hillary fell apart the last time she ran for POTUS. Even with over 90% of the media kissing her butt, she fell apart. They’re were weeks where Obama campaigned for her and Hillary was nowhere to be seen. She literally said, ” vote for me because I’m a woman.” Even a 5th grade girl would offer a better reason to vote for her.

    2. @M Murph Not much difference between them and Sanders who voted for the war in Afghanistan, supported the CIA-orchestrated coup in Ukraine, voted to invade Libya and is Pro Drone Strike. God help Americans if that millionaire fake socialist and warmonger ever becomes president of the United States.

    3. This is why Trump doesn’t want a debate while CNN hosts yet you liberals haven’t understood until now hopefully.

    1. @Ejner Fulsang For the love of God, Biden is just gonna be another of the same democrat who’s not going to change America. We need someone who is going to bring about big changes. The people want a progressive leader. Of the top 3 candidates, 2 of them are progressive. If you combine the percentages, we have more people voting progressive.

    2. @Ejner Fulsang Ok here’s a fact years ago Joe’s first wife had an accident lost a kid too and the truck driver that hit them was cleared of all wrong doing, but Joe slandered the guy upto his death as being drunk at the time of the accident, so I ask you if it happened again and you were involved, would you still vote for him?

    1. Timothy Weary Exactly… what is this questions !!! Too much stupid questions , even those Dem IQ lvl can’t answer them ..

  3. I love how she can lie about what Bernie Sanders said, put him on the spot and make him look sexist while never taking accountability for lying about him. Then everyone gives her a round of applause despite she has just shown she is a liar.

    1. @t00by00zer Amen to your statement!! You got it exactly right. I don’t understand how so called “intelligent” Americans can’t understand this. The fact that soooo many people are uninformed about the facts amazes me. They either get their info from mainstream media (biased, unintelligent liars) or from Facebook or friends who get their info from Facebook. Which Facebook already admitted that they won’t remove political ads which are true, and lies. So, basically FB don’t care if you are uninformed or not.

    2. @Diana No matter what will be said, you won’t believe Mantose. You’ll somehow say it’s wrong or untrue simply because it goes against your opinions/feelings. Opinions are not facts.

    3. @t00by00zer I don’t 100% disagree with your statement, I’m just gonna say Nancy pelosi does not like Bernie. A majority of establishment Democrats dislike him. In fact, this video is an example of how they try to push him out and rig it against him. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter.. the earth is dying as a result of carelessness and greed and we will go with it and THAT is human nature. Destroy everything and make decisions solely based on personal interest with no regard for others. There are good people but the actions of the bad ones are starting to out weigh the good ones.

    4. @Kay Ramos socialists are the furthest thing from good people. They are very generous with other people’s money.
      The United States of America is home to the most generous people on the planet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with America that socialism could improve. I don’t care how nice Bernie is, he is a complete disaster when it comes to governance.
      The Democrats let Bernie play in their sandbox so that his constituency stays with them after they kick him to the curb. He’s a registered socialist, so why is he running as a Democrat when he’s not even a member of the party.
      Bernie is an actor. He plays his role. He’ll never get the nomination. He’s no match for Trump anyway. No one on the Democrat side could for that matter.

    1. Shame on you CNN…honestly. How insanely disrespectful to essentially call him a liar by completely dismissing his answer and then changing the verbiage. Saying “a woman will not win the election” and “a woman cannot be president” are two completely different statements. Which member of the RNC paid you to pit these two against each other in such a petty way?

    2. Nug U yep. As it all sinks in I’m more amazed she seemed to expect it then with a straight face capitalized 1) on a mistruth that badly slanders an ally, then 2) twist the knife by leveraging gender across the entire panel with her logically fallacious statement about losing elections. At least one of which was Wasserman-Schultz stealing it away from Bernie last time. By her logic college rookies fresh into the NBA have more promise than Michael Jordan in his prime. It’s sickening.

  4. Warren is just pathetic. The fact that she’s trying to rely on some petty lie shows she has nothing left. I’m all for a woman being president just not that woman.

    1. I think Warren is great at going after big corporations that screw over Americans. Just watch CSPAN Senate hearings. But as President… it’s a not so reassuring.

    2. It’s like the time she claimed she wasn’t rehired by a company because she felt like they didn’t want a pregnant woman. But turns out they offered to keep her, but she left the company.

    3. And that Amy Klobuchar is no better. She puts me to sleep as soon as she starts running her drab monotoned mouth and starts laughing like Fran Drechsler from the Nanny.

    4. @Sky Walker What ! Oh my God!!! That’s not very nice! Lol! Of course I did that accent in dreschers nasal monotone ear splitting voice! Lol! Nice post!

    1. @usssanjacinto1 What is the statement with which Warren disagreed? She never says the statement. Notice how Warren never says: Bernie Sanders said a woman cannot win the presidency.

    1. Quinn Jay B you should win based off your policies and beliefs, not your gender. If there’s a more qualified woman then great but if there’s a more qualified man then that’s great too.

    2. A woman who is smart enough to teach at Harvard but confused enough to look at her white face in the mirror every day and call herself a person of color is either stupid or dishonest.

    3. Kinda. But arent the only people the ACTUAL non racists that game the by nature racist Affirmative Action? Its civil disobedience.

      Sure. Said hypotethetical about her race lying woman shouldnt act as if she is some champion of minority well beeing. But hey. I think you ask waaaaaay to much for.

    4. Or someone who lies about their dad being a janitor… or someone who lies about being fired for being pregnant.

    5. @Braxton Eaton You are correct. That is why I am voting Bernie. None of the candidates hold the policies and beliefs that he does.

  5. You conveniently skipped over the part where Bernie reminds us that he went to her house in 2015 to encourage her to run. He practically begged her to run. The only reason he ran himself in 2016 was because Warren didn’t. So you mean to tell me that Bernie urged Warren to run, but didn’t think she could win? Ridiculous.

    1. @Chad Gochis fox is obviously right, but being to their left don’t make you on the left. Did you know that the political spectrum is called a spectrum because well… It is a spectrum?

      Democrats range from moderate right to socialism left. While republican range from moderate to fascist right. Does it helps you a bit now?

      Yes, I, for my part, will take socialism over fascism by a long shot. If you don’t understand why, compare Canada to nazi era Germany 🤔

    2. @PapaJohns Bolton A lot of young or deranged people like to use a simple word such as “Incel” or “Libtard” or “Cuck” and think they just shut down whoever they’re calling that. It makes them feel really good

  6. CNN to Bernie Sanders: “You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election?”

    Bernie to CNN: “That is correct.”

    CNN to Elizabeth Warren, 1 second later: “What did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?”

    Damn fine journalism.

    1. I blocked CNN from my lineup. They are not liberal, conservative, or anything…just money hungry corporate bullshi**ers.

  7. She’s fake as hell. “Bernie is my friend” yet you put out some fake news 2 days before this debate to get some momentum in the polls

    1. @Justin Smith Republicans are the same with Trump. The only way to see through all the bullshit is to be impartial to both

    1. Alex Blaze Trump said he could shoot a random person in the street and walk away. Not even someone who opposed him. Basically, you think that a pathological lying moron that vaguely threatens random people is somehow supportable but can’t handle it when the other side is like nah you’re a fuckboi. Ok then, carry on.

    1. I hope you guys understand that if we nominate Bernie we will lose key moderate voters, and Trump will win. I would vote for Bernie because I hate Trump but if we nominate Bernie we will lose.

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