Can Psychedelics Expand Your Mind And Relationships? Author Michael Pollan Explains

Author Michael Pollan explains his research and personal experiences with psychedelics, and why he thinks it’s time for society to explore their possible value, in moderation, as America rethinks its "war on drugs," in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. go Michal! mainstream needs to hear this. you’re the perfect person to offer up the truth. thank you! the possibilities of society are endless in the positive.

  2. It’s time to start microdosing the “Conservative” party. Then they’ll finally grasp what woke really means.

    1. That’s the problem with the woke crowd. All the drugs has them fake woke. Ironically no woke person has ever told me what they are woke to other than orange man bad. Which we know already.

    2. The World Today
      ms13dnc pushing psychedelics
      lets get high and stare at fruit, there is so much going on?
      The World Today … glad I’m old … I hear paint & glue are still good

    3. @Texas Pride Only the Right Wing uses the term “woke”- No one has EVER told you that they are “woke”. You, sir are a LIAR. I thought Texans were more honorable than that….

    1. But What if they just flew a crop duster over the capital on Jan.6 and pulled a Jacob’s Ladder ( LSD spray )

    2. Who knows? Maybe it can cure the hidden fears and let them feel the unity of the (true) reality, at least for a few of them.

  3. Oregon passed measure 109 last year, legalizing medical ‘shrooms, and measure 110 decriminalizing small quantity possession.

    1. Wow u guys are way ahead of us here in Australia. I agree that dope & mushroom should be legalised but NOT anything man made.
      We’re still trying to work out legalising dope.

    2. @jimmy mack from ronkonkoma long island. 🤔nahhh, alcohol is fine…. especially a nice single malt or a glass of red wine or a Bailey’s or a Canadian Rye Whiskey or….. 🤔
      Am I starting to sound like I drink? 😉
      Ohhh & I don’t like mushrooms…they taste disgusting…
      & I’m talking about normal mushrooms & I don’t smoke either.
      How do u pronounce where ur from?

    3. @Oppressed Speaker of truth GOP political trolls are a joke. Oh, please enlighten us on personal freedoms again… Get a life

  4. Read Alexander Shulgin, Albert Hoffman or anyone else who dedicated their careers to these substances instead.

    1. 👍🏼 I hope humans evolve into a higher level of consciousness that understands everything is connected.

  5. I love Ari Melber. I hope they continue to post more of his truly
    Interesting guests. If they started posting his Fall Back Fridays I’d be thrilled ❤️

    1. @April Valleyvamp Yeah, too many people believe that experts are untrustworthy because of this or that conspiracy theory and choses to believe in quacks, radio hosts and Tucker Carlson. They truly believe that they are the ones with critical thing and those who trust governments and experts are sheep herded by the Illuminati and globalist pedophiles who drinks the blood of babies. No evidence is in fact their evidence. It’s nuts and it’s very, very cultish.

    2. @Veronica Högberg yes, Veronica. That’s exactly the way my ex thinks of me. After our divorce we became pretty good friends, over the past decade we’ve gotten along great, but ever since the pandemic hit and claims of election fraud surfaced, our friendship has fractured big time.

    3. @Mike Johnson That’s sad. You’re not alone. I’m Swedish and we don’t have as much of that craziness as in the US. My American friends though all have a relative or friend who have become obsessed with conspiracy theories and the relationship has gone toxic. I hope your ex can wake up and live in reality again.

    4. Believing things without evidence is called faith, and is the drug of choice for Evangelicals. Wasn’t it Tertullian who wrote: ‘We believe it because it is untrue.’ ?

    5. @Chris ONeill I have nothing against faith as long as it isn’t destructive. There’s a fine line between faith and delusion.

  6. I took mescaline in high school one time at lunch. I had a Basic programming class next. I wasn’t very good at coding. Long story short: teacher asked a question, no one shot their hand up. Tough Question. So suddenly I did. I answered correctly. The teacher was surprised by the look on his face that I got it correct, but he was happy. My buddy told me maybe I should take mescaline more often LOL

  7. About once a month, i go out somewhere pretty and spend the day hiking and shrooming. Shrooms make being in nature so sublime. Colors are intense and I stare in wide eyed wonder at the backlit leaves of big leaf maple and sycamore. I can look at myself and at my life without any ego at all. Any conflicts or animosity towards anyone seems senseless. I can see where I can be a better person. Let’s hope shrooms are decriminalized everywhere so people can enjoy them!

  8. I have experienced ego dissolution so complete that I wasn’t me anymore. I was just an entity. Time was inconsequential. I didn’t know if I was alive or dead and I was cool with it. I had an incredible journey and came back with the most profound sense of gratitude for life. Terrance McKenna. 5 grams in silent darkness. Absolutely life changing. Definitely havea trip sitter for deep exploration. Life is gooooooood!

  9. I took acid and psilocybin in my youth, probably for the wrong reasons, but they helped me see the natural world and human beings as truly beautiful. My hand was the most amazing thing I’d seen! Lots of other stuff looked tawdry and pathetic – my bedroom, commerce, people ‘running everywhere at such a speed, until they find, there’s no need’. The move Hellraiser had just come out, but when I watched it it didn’t scare me at all, it seemed laughable, like I could see right through it. I don’t take psychedelics now, but my perception of the world was irreversibly changed!

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