Canada moving ‘pretty slow’ with Sudan efforts: Former UN commander | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

Former UN commander Romeo Dallaire said 'it's incredible' how fast stability crumbled in Sudan, and called Canada's reaction 'slow.'

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    1. @High Frequency Solutions Not the point, are they so-called Canadain Citizens who went back to their “homeland” but when in trouble call the Canadian government to bail them out. Is that difficult tounderstand

    2. @Carlos R How do you know they paid taxes! Even if they MAYBE worked in Canada for a year or two then went home to Sudan, it would NOT even cover the cost of the flight back to Canada LOL I bet they dont even own or even have a home in Canada! So, get real!

  1. What surprises me is how 1700 Canadians decided to be in Sudan, recently, when it hasn’t really had a functioning government since that start of 2022? Not exactly a place for tourism and business ventures! It’s obvious that, during a period of turbulent military rule, Canada’s foreign affairs experts failed miserably in dissuading Canadians from going there and in making plans for an evacuation until violence had erupted. Did no one at Foreign Affairs nor at National Defence, in Ottawa, learn anything from the evacuation of Canadians and its allies from Kabul in 2021?

    1. I had a cousin who was stuck in Afghanistan for a week after the Taliban takeover. He and his family managed to fly out of Kabul with the French ambassador to Afghanistan.

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