Canadian armed forces actively coordinating evacuation efforts for Sudan: Anita Anand

Defence Minister Anita Anand says the Canadian Armed Forces are coordinating evacuation efforts of foreign nationals in Sudan.

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  1. Oh progress! I thought they were still working on getting electricity and hot water, so they went with uhaul for the c31s?😊

    1. Thanks for the update David Armstrong from what sounds like the real world instead of what could be coined the c31 world only for now. My next question is will all family members of Canadians there in Sudan be kept together or as usual be detained in Sudan thanks to getting richer all of the time most immigration lawyers in both Sudan and in Canada too.

    1. Trying to work for a living that is what. Instead of being told after being born in Canada they are not getting the job in different career far too often for life to be practical for them too.

  2. back in the day it would just be called a peace keeping mission.
    no need to even talk about the citizenships 2:40
    the translator tho lol

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