Cat gets rescued from Hurricane Ian floodwaters | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Good guy! Thanks for being kind to a stranded animal. Look out for pets where you can, Florida. Kindness is it’s own reward.

  2. It is great you saved that cat but to tell reporters you plan to keep
    the cat is messed up. That is someones baby. You dont get to keep an
    animal just because you found it or saved it. Please do the right thing
    and try to find that kittys owners, Im sure they are worried sick.

    1. Where does it say reporter is keeping the kitty. But anyway, what’s more important right now, the kitty was saved from drowning. Just be happy for the kitty and thankful to the person who rescued. 💕

  3. What’s my reason to be booing this video? I still remember the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ episode where; Ellie May Clampett, was teaching a male house cat how to swim. The F.C.C. & the S.P.C.A., failed to ban this episode. This ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ episode, leads to animal cruelty also. 😳 😢 😕 😐 😑 😞 😳

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