Caught on camera: Why is a “plague doctor” wandering around this U.K. town?

Police in the U.K. are working to unmask the mysterious 'Plague Doctor' seen in Norfolk during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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  1. gov says “were in a pandemic of biblical proportions”
    also govt says “Dressing as a plague doctor alarms the community we want to talk to you about this”
    wtfuq ever

  2. Nice Dramatic Music.!!. Lmao Omg Your News Is Starting To Go Way Overboard.!!. You’re Turning Into The National Inquirer & We See It.!!.

  3. Maybe it’s time to cut back on police if they have time to chase after someone in a costume rather then actual crime.

  4. Honestly I love this and even had the thought of trying to make my own and it still work as a mask too lol

  5. Words of advice eh. Its more scary that the UK has their own version of the Gestapo looking into this.

  6. Leave the guy alone, so he’s wearing a costume, so what? And stop trying to hype it up with dramatic music. So much for journalism, this is about bias and ratings.

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