China zeroes in on ‘near space’ as potential next battlefield in modern warfare

CNN's Will Ripley looks back at China's history of looking upward to near space for the future of their defense systems. #CNN #News


    1. @Forgotten World Why is Canada not giving a damn about the US, why is patriotic Canada going to help patriotic Americans? Everyone takes care of their country, if US patriots don’t care about other countries, why would other countries care about what happens in the US.

    2. and must say, right after the supposed CHINESE SPY BALLOON ?? how convenient and clever. Perfect timing for the PENTAGON to milk us TAX PAYERS for millions more ? well, we gave them 22 million just a few years ago, im sure its time to ask for more lol.

    3. @A7A3L R5M The US is constantly helping countries all around the world what are you talking about Canada does nothing.

    4. The Chinese spy balloons in Europe apparently were used for short burst communication relay. Hundreds of spies have already been arrested.

  1. Why is all this war talk in the news I don’t wanna see a major conflict in my lifetime why can’t everyone live in peace this so messed up god be with us all😔

      JANUARY 20, 2025

  2. We’ll have to wait for forensics and investigation but the latest objects/balloons if they are using steath/radar dispersing materials would signal that China is doing penetration tests into N. America to see if and how far they can get before detection/interception. Legally it would also indicate “intent” to perform military/ELINT activities over us as there is no reason to use stealth technology in a weather balloon. If fact to do so makes it more of a hazard to airtrafic, usually radar reflectors like on ships/boats are used to make them better detectable not less. The latest smaller objects described as cylindrical, grey/silver and about the size of a car were also described by the pilot as seeming to “interfer with his sensors” meaning he probably couldn’t get a proper strong radar lock on target. Sure sounds like stealth materials to me.

    1. China will produce a fake prophet using their technology. He will be from Israel and from the line of David, but on the maternal side. The antichrist. The chaining in the pit is a global embargo.

    2. The prophecies is the reason why I believe in the book and in the great God Jehovah or YHWH. Ancient man was incapable of writing this alone.

  3. By the way: The oldest existing aircraft (at least in the western world) is a French spy balloon from 1794. It is shown in Vienna’s museum of military history.

  4. imagine what would happen if countries focused on resolving poverty, hunger, the drug war, education and health instead of who can win the next world. I don’t understand this rush to destroy each other rather than help each other. Amazing stupidity that will bring no benefit to anyone as no one wins….

    1. I like the way you think but … sadly… Utopia and the Federation of Planets does not yet exist… And we may actually succeed at destroying ourselves without some sort of Divine Intervention… As for me ??? I have no regrets if… I am taken out in the first wave of the attack… Because Scotty won’t be able to Beam Me Up from the Shitstorm that is about to take place

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. We could have spent all that money on helping humanity and Earth to survive. 😒

  5. “Near space”
    Once again the Chinese achieve something the US did decades ago.
    (Slow clap…👏)

  6. One thing the U.S. can do to help detect balloons is employ all citizens with the use of hot lines to call if balloons are seen. They are definitely visible from the ground….I actually saw one myself over my middle Georgia town two weeks ago, probably the same one that was spotted in central America.

  7. Representatives of each nation meets in near space to see which can make the most balloon animals. The winner gets tariff free, vehicle exports.

  8. It can only be a transmitter from my experience in telecommunications. It works like an antenna for nearby satellite(s) that can actually control the object. I believe it works like a drone with controls through any range of satellites. Perhaps it is time for me to get out of retirement and help the US military with these emerging technologies.

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