Chinese jets ‘buzz’ Canadian ships in Taiwan Strait

Matthew Fisher, Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, describes Chinese aircraft buzzing a Canadian ship in the Taiwan Strait.


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    1. @Bob Knob you dont know during WW II, Russia and China had most sacrifice in turns of dead people while not even invited to WW II memorial was German was?

      U think arrest CEO of key company from China on behalf of USA and refuse to let go while Trump himself admit she is a bargain chip is sth China should tolerate?

      Canada was used by big brother, and beat by China no doubt, but if China does not set an example, CEO of Chinese key companies will not dare to go aboard anymore

    2. Bob Knob.. HongKong??WW2..that was then a british colony. Say thank you for the general knowledge. hahaha

    1. USA is tired of getting ripped off by China.. They should demand they pay for the tech they have stolen before any trade deal takes place

  1. And you’re not willing to make a connection to the hwawei affair? Canola, pork and beef? Now military intimidation? It’s just “random”, you say, because we’re another western ship passing by? You mean all western ships get harrassed when passing by? They do it to Canada because they can with no fear of meaningful push-back. We have something they want–Meng. Don’t confuse the issue.

    1. Yeah they want the rest of our oil and gas industry, the rest of our real estate, and anything Canadian. Chinese own pretty much Canada now as it is.

    2. They wont do anything…if they attack and sink a canadian ship…there economy is fucked

  2. Canada,really,out of any league. Justin Trudeau might have to bring out his Kneepads again and visit Washington.

    1. Trudeau is at the g-20 summit looking for help, Talking to trump obviously did not help when China bans Canadian pork the next day…..he should stop all Chinese imports to Canada, although that would close down all the Walmarts !

    1. @wayne cross Chinese special force should simply rescue Meng now and shoot dead any Canadian terrorists who resist.

  3. this piece of junk was commissioned in 1977, surprised that it made that far without breaking its engine.

    1. @mark9021 well,thats because ur shat ship were built on amrican parts, or sunk long time ago, now everything made in china, or ur entrie primtivfe canada break down long time ago

    1. @Darcy Mcnabb What did the Canadians do? Have gay parades and transgender tea parties? lol, Canada, bwahahahaha….

    1. It’s a problem. The West Edmonton Shopping Mall has more submarines than the Canadian Navy. Their fighters, the Hornet, are older than the pilots that fly them.

  4. where: 40 KMs from the Chinese coast(one or two hundred kms from beijing), a half world away from Canada
    when: Canada kidnapped the HUAWEI CFO
    yes, that Canadian ship was in int’l national waters, so were those Chinese ships and planes. freedom of navigation works both ways. Considering the fact Canada is the lap dog of the United Snake, China has every right to send planes and ships shadow this Canadian ship.

  5. C’mon canada don’t try to play innocent here. WTF is a canada warship doing sailing through the taiwan strait if not to provoke ? And if provoked, you cannot expect not to get a strong reaction. How does Canada feel if a chinese warship were to lurk inside Hudson Bay ?

  6. may be china think that your ship carry garbage and you want it to discharge in china… like you did in the philippines your ship discharges garbage.

  7. Trudeau is a genius! Keep meddling everywhere and you will win your next term! Your farmers love you so much…

  8. This is 21 century and Canada thinks it still can use gun boat diplomacy to scared China, wake up Canada

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