Chrystia Freeland’s testifies at Emergencies Act inquiry | Watch FULL testimony

Watch Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland’s testimony at the Emergencies Act inquiry.

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    1. Bill U are probably a bot, recent signup with no human interests.
      Your grandmother might have been a horse theif for all we know, but I kinda wonder if that’s the whole story

  1. How is Chrysta Freeland still the finance minister? Better yet, how is she still allowed to have a bank account? She belongs in jail.

    1. U are cleary delusional. Just because I’m not impressed with a politician doesn’t mean I’m going to start acting like a brainwashed trumpkin and start chanting nonsense.

    1. And have her platinum pension forfeited and be personally responsible for billions in damages to Canada and Canadians. Then she can be jailed for the rest of her unnatural life…

  2. How do we rid ourselves of this unelected official? How could a reporter/author be appointed to deputy PM AND Finance minister? And why was the 500 billion dollar loan she took from the
    US last month not mentioned in the fiscal budget brought forth to Canadians 2 weeks before the loan?

    1. @Carlos SP Ridiculous mouthful of malarkey Carl! There are NO publicly traded shares in the Bank of Canada. Haha Carl, back to the refrigerator U go…

    1. Once you become a CEO, it doesn’t matter if you started in the mailroom, except as a matter of Pride.
      You jokers really think that they won’t receive pensions for the positions they actually occupy.
      Mr.Scheer, waited tables when he was younger, but he rose to become leader of the opposition.

  3. But 1+ years of lockdowns and mandates did nothing against the economy and the supply chain? No ea then! No panicky emails! Lawyers should compare and contrast.

  4. Too bad this gaslighting waste of time won’t see any criminal liability for the part she played in all this. What a ridiculous excuse of a politician.

  5. There should be no time limit on questioning, they should be there as long as necessary so lawyers can ask everything.

    1. Death is a beautiful thing…..this slag is a what hell would sound like just her voice screaming at you non stop for eternity!!! She’s a detestable slag!!!

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