Clinton Cash Author Interview: Hillary Corruption Update! 10/14/16

Clinton Cash Author Interview: Hillary Corruption Update! 10/14/16

Peter Schweizer interview after recent wikileaks email dump about the corruption of Hillary Clinton.

October 14, 2016


  1. Lol “I don’t recognize that e-mail.”
    Please, any Christians seeing this, alert your congregation this Sunday
    about the attack on the Christian faith being conducted by the Clinton

  2. Is there something wrong with being an evangelical, Hillary?

    But there wasn’t any real backlash from you labeling millions of Americans
    as “deplorable” either. So I guess that you’ll get away with this insult

  3. If editing of any Email was provable it’d hit the news asap trying to
    discredit them all??? What DNC used bleach bit too?

  4. yeah keep blaming Russia…the fact remains the emails are quite evident…
    by the way trump is just as evil…neither Hilary or trump will win….wait
    for it…

  5. Lou Dobbs, wake up! The drug cartels are running the drugs for the
    Bush/Clinton cartocracy. Why would you expect their criminal enterprise to
    be impeded?

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