CNN analyst: Here’s what DeSantis’ projected victory could mean for the GOP

Gov. Ron DeSantis will win a second term leading Florida, CNN projects. CNN's political panel breaks down his message to the GOP with his resounding victory. #CNN #News


  1. Red wave, we’re tired of your talking and less doing. People want jobs, they don’t want to be taxed ridiculous amounts. We don’t want gas to be $5 a gallon, we don’t want to be held accountable financially for every free loading junkie in California.

  2. Hell yes Ron, Hell yes. Thank you for everything you have done for our state. If it was not for you we would be locked down and our rights taken away. I am so proud of this state and the people in it that want there freedoms and rights. I hope that you can stay our governor or ever, but most everyone likes a new challenge every now and then. I hope the people that don’t see it just leave this state and go to the crap hole democratic states. And for all you haters, Bless your heart

    1. Boy is that a gross lie you let them feed you, I don’t get it can’t people see through the BS? You think at all about all the people that died needlessly because you didn’t want to be part of a collective effort to mitigate the spread of the virus to others (which has been proven to be very effective) which then cost so many unnecessary deaths! It’s your politicians you listen too over CDC advice who only have their own political interests in mind to divide this country during a time of a world pandemic!!!! You should be so proud of yourself. Most of all of the opposition amounted to pure greed of the almighty buck over all else!

    2. I agree man. Dump that idiot trump… Desantis is the man. Young, bright, not a liar… Hahah… Can’t get over why people are still stuck on that old whining ex whem they can have Desantis… Hopefully people will wake up now.

    3. I am so proud to be in Florida. I hope none of you haters live here, you shouldn’t since you hate it so much. It is a great state and we have the best Governor.

    1. It’s easy to understand that people do not hate the reps in general, they hate Trump because he’s a moron, a pathological liar, and a crook. I love DeSantis, and would gladly see him as POTUS.

  3. him winning Miami Dade by 11 points…damm thats wild…last midterm Democrats won Miami Dade by 21 points,Biden won by 9 points against Trump….Damm dude really loved in Florida,he King of Florida

  4. 00:25 – “The message that Ron Desantis sent…” is that it’s easy to win in a state heavily Gerrymandered in your favor.
    If we switch to Ranked Voting ( the stranglehold of the two-party system would be broken and our election winners would look very different indeed.
    Of course, anyone who wins will never work to switch over, so we’ll have to work on public opinion on that one.

    1. Statewide elections, such as the governor and senator races, aren’t affected by districting.

      Neither of the two dominant parties will agree with ranked voting since it would put their parties in a weaker position.

    2. @Dee desantis Latino voter here. It might be that florida is in an ideological bubble, but when he says “florida is where woke goes to die”, it’s no joke. We don’t play those games here. We believe people are people, not pawns that fit into protected or unprotected categories based on the ugliness of our past…

    3. @Deck Str Then you picked the wrong place to live, anyone that would highjack legal asylum immigrants just released and waiting their court dates from Texas getting them to trust someone you paid to work and lie to them to coral them onto a plane like cattle to an unknown destination and future for a racist political statement is one horrific cruel individual! So spare me the BS.

    4. @Dee I see no issue with playing democrat games to prove a point about why that is wrong and shouldn’t be done in the first place. The federal government buses these people you care so much about into rural areas all of the fucking time. These are places with limited resources as it is. These governors sent 50 people to Martha’s Vineyard, NYC, etc, and they freaked out and couldn’t handle it or just sent them somewhere else lol. And these are places with far more resources than the inverse. I see no issue with redirecting people to places where there are POLICIES IN PLACE to give them SANCTUARY. We don’t support illegal immigration, while New York and other certain cities do. So that’s where they shall go. I see no issue here. It seems like a win/win to me. And you wanna get mad about the comfort of the transportation? I’m sorry it was a coach seat dude.

  5. I live here in Florida and Latino voters love this man. The map of Florida is so red not a single democrat won! not even the agriculture commissioner. Nothing.

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