1. @Yuri Russia retreats from Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson. Cant even take the Donbas even though its a few hours by car from Moscow.

    2. ​@foil hat But for some reason Russia is gaining new territories and Ukraine is shrinking down. 28% of Ukraine is under Russian control.

    3. @Yuri Most of that was controlled before the Russians invaded, and most of the rest was from the initial shock of the invasion. Ukraine has gained far more then its lost since lines have been established.
      Russia’s performance has been humiliating no matter how you try to spin it.
      For some reason Russia is gaining T54’s and pretending like its not embarrassing.

    4. @foil hatStop talking nonsense. In addition to the Lugansk and Donetsk republics, Russia controls most of the Kherson region, most of the Zaporozhye and part of the Kharkiv region. Which she hadn’t controlled before. In addition, there are many of the latest modifications of the T-80bv m, T-90AM, T-90m(3), and T-14 on the battlefield. Many have already been upgraded with additional mounted armor and systems taking into account the fighting in Ukraine. Ukraine was given leopards 2 and challengers absolutely naked and not new. Not to mention the T-55s tanks from Slovenia, which are worse in terms of the t54 modification.

  1. I don’t understand why the media keeps talking about a counter offensive. The element of surprise is a key factor It will happen when it happens

    1. ​​@foil hat there is an important detail here – Russia entered Ukraine (according to CNN) with a contingent of 200,000, despite the fact that Ukraine officially had 265,000 regular army alone. further, the front stretched for 800+ km, and at the moment when Russia left Kherson, new troops still had not arrived. The main task was to gain control over the territories of the LPR and DPR within the administrative boundaries, neither Kyiv, nor Chernihiv, nor Kherson are included in these territories.

      Nevertheless, the retreat from the Kharkiv region is definitely a shame, and even more than that, it made it possible to shell border areas, such as the Belgorod region, for example, and Ukraine uses this.

    2. ​@foil hat during the kharkiv and kherson attack ..russian only have 150k cannot hold millions of newly drafted Ukrainian and the hundreds of kilometres of frontline but now 300k additional russian will whip Ukrainian butt

    1. This one sided feel good reporting when the reality is far from this. Front line??? What a joke….

    2. Man the stuff you are smoking or medicine you are taking must be very strong. This is the joke of the century, I do not know if I must laugh or cry.

    1. @Jonathan Sterling I don’t remember the T54’s and Scooby Doo vans Russia uses from any video game either.

  2. Ukraine has received so many armored vehicles and tanks they need a place to park them. I’ve heard Bakhmut has plenty of spaces. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  3. It may be counterintuitive to announce a counteroffensive, but I think one should not underestimate the psychological effect of this kind of flexing on the Russians. There is even an effect on the Russians although the offensive has not started yet, they put resources in fortifying positions, but this gives away what they want to protect and what not.

    1. ​@foil hat T-54 is equal to Leopard and Abrams. What’s the problem, kid?
      Dondas will be taken. No doubt. How long you, Americans, wasted in Afghanistan? 20 years? Hahaha. Russians have 19 years to match. Lol

    1. Dear. This junk in Germany costs 7-12 k eur. Like an apartment in the suburbs of Kyiv 30-45 k S.This is not the Central Park Tower with its apartments. Hello from Ukraine🤣

  4. last spring counteroffensive in Kharkiv and Izum were successfully due to Russia put small troops in the defensive lines, after partial mobilization, Russia have mobilised thousands of troops at the front, they are closing watching the ukraine counteroffensive this time. It might be the huge battle

  5. Journalist have balls of steel to go to theses very dangerous areas to bring us news, so thank you Nick. Handsome man.

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