1. How about a penitentiary theme park where we ride through on tea cups and stormtroopers as prison guards? Endless possibilities!

    1. Picture a kids face next to Disney land in North Dakota in the Winter at their new location… Hahaha

    1. @Teutonic Nordwind Is that because DeSantis isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty—or at least his fingers? Even if he doesn’t have the right tools, is DeSantis the kind of guy who just digs in anyway? He’s really got his fingers in everything, doesn’t he? Yup, DeSantis is really pudding in the work. Scout’s honor…

    2. @LotsOfFun It was reported in the news a month ago, cupcake. And I’ve been laughing about it ever since

  2. The fact he’s putting up prisons in the same convo as theme parks is more than I need to know about this jerk; he’s sick for real and should just go to therapy and figure out his insecurities and ego issues

    1. DeSantis is a Yale Graduate and was Captain of the baseball team. Then Got his Law Degree from Harvard. Served in the Navy representing our most elite Seal team. Naval Reserves while serving in Congress. And now Twice elected the most popular Governor of any state. Runs his budget on 1/3 of NY’s budget which now has fewer people than FL. He gets my Independent Vote. You get Biden who finished at the bottom of his class in two obscure colleges and faked asthma to get out of the military. P.S. That was a joke. He’s not putting up a prison. Learn to listen………

  3. Can you imagine threatening a business in your state that has an income larger than some entire countries? Desantis knows what he’s doing – but he’s playing a dangerous game. Disney leaves central Florida and all you’ve got is some hot swamp. No one’s going there without Disney. That’s a pretty big hit to the Florida economy.

    1. @Mary M No one but families with little kids go there. Sea World and Universal Studios are next to it and they are better.

    2. @Ryan Fraser And to say nothing of Florida’s BEAUTIFUL Gulf Coast or The Keys. I love Florida and will vote for DeSantis!

  4. Can’t wait for Desantis first Presidential candidate debate, where his opponents pitched in beforehand, to reserve the entire front row in the auditorium, for Disney characters.

    1. @LotsOfFun What? I was talking about Biden. It was _just_ Easter, boo boo. Every Easter at the White House, people are dressed up as an Easter bunny family. Trump is pictured with the White House Easter bunnies too.

  5. Clearly Desantis is smoking some good stuff because who in their right mind would visit Orlando and go to the theme park next to Disney, lmao

    1. If it didn’t do the bullshit Disney has been doing and did not charge the wallet-r@ping prices that Disney has been charging, it would do gangbusters.

    2. @Mike
      I think the same about people who cast stereotypes and talk about things they don’t know anything about. Lots of intelligent people smoke cannabis but you won’t know that if you spend your time around people who aren’t very smart.

  6. Can they make it a federal prison instead? That way the kids can go see Mickey and Donald in the same trip.

    1. As long as they sell ticket packages for both places. I’m going straight from Pirates of the Caribbean to Pirates of the Mar-a-largo. It’s not a water ride but I heard if you get there early enough, you can see The Donald cry as he’s forced to watch DeSantis eat pudding.

  7. If he is this bold with the small amount of power that he has, can you imagine him with unlimited power very dangerous

  8. Love this reaction by the commentators. DeSantis is doing everything wrong! No way people will approve of Floridas abortion bill. Or the way he’s treating Disney.

    1. @Nil Nil DeSantis has very little to do with that. And his extreme right wing policies are only going to turn people off if he runs for president. He needs to win both Michigan and Wisconsin, and I don’t see it happening.

  9. All jokes aside…it’s not a joking matter that DeSatan is suggesting to build “another prison”! The amount of evil he possesses is staggering!

  10. It’s truly sad how confused and misguided their governor and an adult (purported; he has yet to act like one) is.

    1. Yale and Harvard Graduate. Navy and Naval Reserves. Congressman and twice Governor. DeSantis has my Independeny VOTE! All you have is demented biden………….

  11. I remember my dad took us to a discount amusement park when I was a kid and negotiated with the owner to get us a reduced admission price. It was really hot in that elephant costume.

  12. For a little while, some people took DeSantis seriously as a candidate, but now he just provides a rich vein of comedy gold. Do better Florida!

  13. This is going to severely damage DeSantis’s career after Disney slaps him around. I wonder how many dozen PIs Disney has looking into DeSantis’s past, especially his days as a teacher who partied with his students.

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