CNN watched past Mueller testimony. Here’s what we found.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is no stranger to giving testimony to Congress. CNN's Randi Kaye takes a look at previous testimonies given by Mueller to see what kind of witness Democrats and Republicans can expect. #CNN #News


  1. Why is Dirty Cop Bill Barr limiting Muller’s testimony regarding Crime Boss Trump? What is he afraid of?

    1. After two years Mueller had his spotlight…..
      We heard nothing but a cowardly shoulda, woulda, coulda as he ran upon completion of his report.
      We were told they had original proof and Trump was grilled for this “proof”
      If Mueller had something he would have used it, but he did not.
      So he made an accusation, give me a break.
      How much of this BS does it take to wake you guys up?

    2. @Ric Flair
      Yes, it will be interesting to see if Mueller actually appears at the hearing and how questioning is allowed to proceed.

    3. @Catherine Williams
      Hillarys arrogance and stupidity opened the door for Trump.
      Our country indirectly has much to thank her for.
      When Comey changed the “intent portion” of the law during Clintons email oversight hearings, it became necessary for Comey to consider her Congressional testimony towards proving that “intent”
      Yet, despite being asked to consider Hillary’s testimony, where she is documented at lying 23 times in one session, he openly admitted he did not.
      This made it impossible to prosecute because her testimony required consideration to prove intent.
      Mueller never said anything specific to condemn trump.
      A few shoulda, woulda, couldas.
      As he ran.
      With clinton there were hours of nonsensical answers on allegations, changing of laws and condemning testimony with proven lies.
      The head of the DOJ refuses to answer direct questions over 70 times and you compare the two instances?
      With Mueller there is nothing because there is nothing.
      You are telling me the democrats who specialize in leaks and bafflegab have proof but its just being contained.
      You obviously know little on the background behind Muellers witch hunt.
      When do we question?

    4. @Leeanne Bishop….Nobody here pay any attention to this ‘Leeanne Bishop’ person please…..She is a well known rapist apologist for the Clintons…On the 14+ women who were raped and assaulted by Bill Clinton, Leanne said “they were floozies, who had it coming” Very despicable person

    1. @michaelthemovieman yoare complicit with the whoremongering groping rapist who puts kids in cages pays off porno stars cheated on 3 wiives watching teen pageant girls undress republican pigs

    2. @Real Viet Vet Trump is raping America. And like every rapist he is thinking, “The majority may SAY they hate it, but deep down they really want it, and by the time that I have my way with them, they will learn to LIKE it.”

  2. Mueller has testified before Congress eighty nine times.
    A decorated Vietnam war veteran with decades of experience in the FBI and US Attorney’s office, appointed by four presidents and confirmed by the Senate.
    Served as Director of the FBI under Obama and Bush


    1. english steve you can be whatever you want, where men are liberal. It’s the right wing that tells you how to live your life.

    1. Eddie Coyle your vote doesn’t count anyway… she lost the election and the electoral college, they’ve already determined that there with dead people voting and illegal aliens,😂😂😂😂

    2. @Tana S……ok but the Russians shouldn’t be allowed to force me to vote for a candidate against my will..This is supposed to be a free country

    3. Toni Johnson How about Mueller who took the uranium one to Russia, that’s a fucking crime moron… Look it up yourself ..

    4. Eddie Coyle it’s all in your head, all in your mind, it didn’t really happen, you keep living in La La Land and your little bubble

  3. someone make a a crowdfund to pay mueller to read his own report, and make it an audio book

    1. @Toni Johnson Assange has NEVER had to retract a statement for being false. He’s the one who released the footage of Apache helicopters murdering unarmed civilians. A war you can thank Mueller for.
      There is a little thing called “set to private” in YouTube settings. Maybe you should look it up. Or do you really think I’m some Russian asset trying to sway the minds of unsuspecting Americans….and you call me a conspiracy theorists?

    2. @Toni Johnson even the Mueller report admits no collusion on page 2. If that report is so solid with evidence explain why Congress with dem majority just voted down impeachment proceedings?

  4. The more the sword rattling – the more the military industrialists like it. One might think they were running the whole world-wide show.

  5. Mueller is going to have a field day with Gym Jordan and Mark Meadows so I hope they bring an extra pair of underwear

    1. Gymnasium Jordan is gonna make a fool out of himself , he is gonna go take a shower in a locker room full of kids

    1. JJ Henry how about getting a life, are you the grandma police today? You really need to get a life Henry

  6. Just shows no matter how well you serve your country, you’ll be condemned, hated, ostracized, bullied, if your facts don’t align along party lines. What’s the point of serving or even protecting this country if people can’t align with facts instead. Most of the haters haven’t even served themselves, ignorant, or devoid of intelligence.

  7. When we limit science to a restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible, we limit the possibilities of science!

    When we set or serve as a limit to something which already has law’s governing it we limit the outcome of justice!

    We already know we can not limit a restriction on the size or amount of something permissible or possible when it comes to the universe! The universe is vast!

    When we limit a testimony which is supposed to be a vow to God to tell the whole truth we are setting a limit on God’s judgment!

    To limit the testimony which could posibly “limit presidential power” we are upholding the constitution!

    As I recall the constitution is for the people and it’s the people’s job to protect it!

    A person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted is known as a heritic! To say that we are part of the destruction of something which is not ours to destroy is a heritics wet dream — the constitution is not for us to destroy it is for us to protect!

    It’s likened to interpretation of the bible it’s not ours draw power from it’s God’s power! God’s absolute power! It’s the same with ancient language we know very little of!

  8. No one above the law? you can spew that out of your mouth a thousand times a day, but my eyes my ears don’t lie to me, plenty of government officials and illegal’s operating above the law.

  9. The process of being a witness is to relate to or intend to witness what is under consideration or discussion! Talk about witness tampering!

    1. They do.  Unfortunately, their leadership is a bunch of craven poll watchers who won’t do anything until they believe the political winds are blowing in their favor.  I guess they forgot what LEADERSHIP is supposed to mean.

  10. Mules is in a pickle….He has never had to face any real vetting….Just rabid groupthink and validation by Democrats and Comey…. I want to know why not a single (0) indicted Russian has been listed on the Interpol Red Notice? not one. You cannot bring Russian hackers to justice if you are not seeking extradition….common sense. Rob ? explain….

  11. I m not sure what is going om…. CAN’T you just Vote trump out….. bc this is taking way to much time….

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