Colorado Springs honors heroic actions of patrons who tackled shooter | USA TODAY


    1. This scam changed my life. With the help of Mr Samuel Leach in the United States I was robbed of my entire remaining wealth, and I couldn’t be happier.

    1. Yet you’re on a YouTube video commenting about it. Continue being a clown because you low-key bigots are obsessive Karens ✋🏽😭

    1. @Don Sims 🤷‍♂️ . They got first 911 at like 1156 and first ofcr ran in at 1200 handcuffed at 1202. Maybe they have no security I’ve seen countless bars lounges without any security

    2. @Lattrel Bia I’ve not been to a club in AGES that serves alcohol that doesn’t have at LEAST one doorman 🤷 to check IDs maybe this place is different though because I read that one of the guys that stopped him was there with his wife and daughter. Kinda weird to me that kids would be in a NIGHTCLUB also so who knows 🤷

    1. @Lucian Blair I’m not being ignorant. Thats EXACTLY what happened. He should have already been in prison, but another liberal DA set him loose to cause more carnage, to push the anti-gun agenda.

    2. @James DuBois very true. I thought you were making a joke about the situation that’s why I said that. I took it the wrong way my bad. But he should have never been allowed to have a gun. He was a mentally unstable disgusting toad looking mfer and I hope he rots and never finds peace. This is so sad and terrible. My bad for thinking you were making a joke.

  1. It should be standard operating procedure to tackle a gunman and cut his gonads off before the cops arrive. Hang them around his ankle. Like a cute little tiny bracelet.

    1. I could get behind this……much better the just blasting their name, picture, and manifesto over 19 different news outlets giving them what they want.

    1. Cops will often put everyone in cuffs until they figure it out what’s going on. They get a report of an active shooter. They have no idea who that is. They’ve always done this.

  2. What happened to the security at the door 🤷 apparently the PATRONS were able to stop the assailant 🤷 how does a guy with a full sized rifle wearing a flack jacket slip past security and enter a club 🤷

    1. Good questions all. I would like to know how this guy, with his history with
      police and FBI, was able to purchase two firearms? The “system” failed again.

    2. @TK421 you might want to read that again I don’t think your eyes are working right my g, no one blamed any victims

    3. @Sam Nicolas “this would not have happened if the victims had better security….” That is CLASSIC victim blaming.

    1. The police should be attacked. They have waggled their tongues in Deactivation and are not pursuing righteous upright humanitarian laws.. It is wrong for children to know how to masturbate at an early age. Yet these people only want to breed prisoners of the population. In fact we need a position the army and other Assets of our country to stop the tar-and-feathering of these officers and law enforcement officials in our neighboring States.. If we had faith in the FBI we would have them investigated for other corruptions.. Integrity is obeying the laws of a sense of love or God and country. This is attached to the American freedom itself because there is noTyranny in a culture That does so. Straight out that establishment should not have been issued a business license in the 1st place. Why do we have business license to keep these people at Bay.. But nowadays when people do not honor the way and spirit of the law they think that it is just to raise tax money. It’s problematic that they don’t educate people in Christian history anymore in these city folk are way behind as if they Reverse revolving and Becoming heathens..

  3. It is actually disgusting to hear these men call a hero out of this bouncer type person. The place should not have had a business license to begin with.. It’s come to pass that we must analyze our laws and come to the conclusion law enforcement is a little gentleman in the eyes of God.. Therefore attacking them is warranted. They D edified themselves… They do not stand up for righteousness it is make a society that breathes rapers. They do not educate the Christian history correctly but educate them and how to Give twisted attack Put today’s standards in with the past non existent standard In this attack us well we should not be attacked for doing good. They need to have a mass tar-and-feathering for the betterment of our country. As a waggle of thumbs it is needful.

  4. Okay give me details…like .. who was this person? Is this person a lgbtq tard? Mad that their other sinful interests rejected them? Too many questions

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