1. reality still hasent sunk in for most, wait till the funerals….this is so unfair and sad….rest in peace innocent sweet angels.

  2. May all Rest in peace. May God heal all parents. This is a real tragedy. Breaks my heart.
    Do something with these gun Government!

  3. Dear Merciful Lord, I ask you to comfort these who lost a love one at the school. Lord, help these people who are hurt & in pain. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

  4. Part of this whole gun debate should take into account that in 1791, when the 2nd Amendment was ratified, the average musket or flintlock pistol could fire about 3 rounds per minute. A standard semi-automatic weapon today can shoot around 50-100 rounds per minute. It’s as if the law hasn’t kept pace with the technological advance of armaments. In the same way that cars were produced that became capable of better performance over time, and driving laws to take account of this were introduced to keep pace with this, surely stricter gun control legislation should’ve long before now been introduced in America, as gun performance improved and evolved. Other countries, *most* other countries, can see this, but for America, it seems like a blind spot as that society is bedazzled by the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Criminals don’t care if guns are illegal…. That’s why they call them criminals.
      All making guns illegal does it make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get them to protect themselves FROM those criminals that have them.

      Now, if you want to have certain limitations based on rounds per minute, etc; that’s a valid conversation for America to have. But after a tragedy definitely isn’t the time to have it imo. ✌️

    2. I’m bedazzled by the second amendment because i have the right to protect myself and my family from nuts and criminals. Criminals are going to get guns and smuggle them no matter what the laws are.

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