COVID-19: Dr. Sharkawy on two-year anniversary of global pandemic | ‘It’s us against the virus’


  1. Yeah hard to determine where it came from because it was racist to even look at where it came from for 2 years now

    1. @Brandon Hill <---- ah, another "Follow the Science!" screamer who is undoubtedly appallingly ignorant of even the most rudimentary of COVID data that is freely and publicly available online from the government itself

    2. @Primmakin Sofis u mean the same science that idiots who misunderstand it because it doesnt fit with their worldview before regurgitating it all of the internet as some half assed conspiracy theory or the actual stuff that takes years to fully understand?

  2. who is this guy? Why should I care what he is talking about? Why doesn’t he get a life and do some real work rather than posing on tv?

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