Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow reports on the arrests of two associates of Rudy Giuliani, Les Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were working on the Ukraine scheme that is now the subject of the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry, for FEC violations related to funneling foreign money to a Trump-supporting super PAC. Giuliani also consulted with convicted felon Paul Manafort and indicted oligarch Dmytro Firtash in his Ukraine work for Trump. Aired on 10/10/19.
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Criminality Taints Giuliani Role In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Trump, his criminal family, and his fascist regime are all going to prison. I still believe in America and justice!

    1. @Joseph Smith Now that’s the stone cold facts, Thank you, the “Simple Genius” got played by the Turks and the Russians.

  2. To the GOP ” A time comes when silence is betrayal” Martin Luther King. It’s time to remove Trump to save not just the Republican Party but America.

    1. It is probably too late. Everyone who has obstructed investigations and lied for this president is complicit. Those who have not participated, but merely enabled, might have a chance to walk away without prison. However, they propped up a criminal.

      It takes ignoring his crimes to support him.

    2. @Fancy Brooks I disagree, there are many Republicans who are decent, hard-working people. Many of them have left the party or are sitting out this debacle because they don’t recognize their party anymore. Hopefully, the ones who haven’t left the party outright will vote in the primaries and get rid of the ones who have bastardized and criminalized their party at the behest of it’s biggest criminal, Donald Trump. It would be equally dangerous to have only one party. Everyone needs opposition to, at the very least, make an attempt at keeping the other honest.

    3. Glen Beck Origin of Trump Russia Investigation:Meet Alex Chalupa DNC opposition researcher on Ukraine. Its Chalupa which gave them the whole Biden enchilada.

    1. @Frank Winkhorst That and the poor grammar, as well as an apparent unfamiliarity with apostrophes, makes it challenging to take such comments seriously. Troll?

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. “I wonder if he went to seek bail for them”. Wouldn’t that be great? “I’m here to see my clients”. “Ah, Mr Giuliani, you saved us the trouble of coming to get you”.

    3. Paul Morphy conspiracy theory, but I’m wondering if they might not have been tipped off as they had one-way tickets when they were arrested.

    4. Individ 1,
      Thanks for the laugh.
      Even funnier yet would be if Rudy was acting stupid all along in order to speed things up.

  3. So let’s get this clear….

    1. Trump is operating US foreign policy through his own personal attorney outside of oversight of the state department

    2. Two foreign business associates of Giuliani’s who have connections to Ukraine and Russia have been assisting with this

    3. Almost immediately after a meeting with Giuliani they both go straight to the airport with 1 way tickets to Europe

    4. Giuliani says that these two people can’t be tried because they are “part of the Presidents legal team”

    5. Trump says on camera that he doesn’t know who these 2 people are

    And people are still ok with this?

    1. Both these men had dinner with Trump at the White House. However, doesn’t everyone invite people over for dinner that they don’t know and don’t remember afterwards??

    2. Simon Few Pelosi, Neil, Schumer & Nader are quiet. Whenever all 4 of them are quiet, especially Pelosi, Fed indictments follow. She warned Trump….

    3. Scientists are seeking to exclusively use *Republican* lawyers in lab experiments instead of ‘just lawyers’ (FYI: Lawyers replaced lab rats a few decades ago). Why? A) No one actually cares, at all, about what happens to Republican lawyers and B) there are some things you just cannot get *even* ‘mere lawyers’ to do..

  4. I have no doubt that Barr knew these guys were about to get arrested. So I’m sure they were tipped off by someone connected to Trump, which is why they were trying to flee the country. Kudos to the SDNY and FBI for catching them before they went wheels up out of the country.

    1. ROArecords2
      They don’t answer to him, but they do inform the DOJ about investigations. So there’s no way he didn’t know these guys were about to be arrested, but he was powerless to stop it from happening.

    2. @ROArecords2 You missed it!! Barr Arranged this….this is the part where they sacrifice RUDY!!! Rudy’s head is headed under the bus!!!

    1. *thrown. And yes he should be on the American no.1 hit show. The perp walk. That episode would be awesome

    1. @Alexis Heude a stupid phone call that asked a foreign country to dig dirt up on a political candidate is against the Constitution. And to be honest the Muller report did show collision and obstruction that is why his lawyer his champion manager and several other associates are in jail. Also that is why his refusal of his taxes returns have been a major concern. So stop how much are you getting paid to comment your bs.

    2. @Tammie Boisseau you delusional… phone call… you have the transcription… nithing in it…. Adam Shiff even needs to create a parody instead if reading the content…. collusion and obstruction… zero… written in the Mueller report… and Trump released his tax return… what are you talking about? Your hate for him is so big that you create your own stories?
      You imagine your opponents are paid? Because trolls are paid to go in Trump’s rally? It’s fascinating how people make projections lolll.
      Antifa are fascist, corrupted are accusing others of corruption, anti racists think about race all the time… and feminist are lesbian hating men instead of protecting women… i am just a christian that love truth and has no anger or hate.. and i am not a beta male so i say what i think with no hate or fear. Behind the screen or in real life. Democrats push people to hate eachother… look how angry they are and you seem pretty angry yourself… people are scared of harassment and being called racists or sexists or white or whatever… so they not speak… but who is more convincing? The angry person full of violence or the quiet person? You want an answer? Look 2016… all medias for Hillary, more money, more experience… and she lost against a funny newbie promoting the good…
      Now he has results and proofs… lowest unemployment for 50 years, wages raising, minorities having jobs like never, women unemployment very low too, fighting cartels, speaking with north korea… stopping being involved into crazy wars… you think people that voted for him are disappointed? You don’t think that many democrats voters are not surprised by him in a good way?
      What you have in front? Biden obviously corrupted… Bernie who is a beta male that got his election stolen by Hillary.. that is too old now and has health problems… Warren who is a socialist and a liar… and you think bernie or her can convince a majority of democrats to vote for a socialist program? Democrats are in ruin!
      Trump is a clever man and God holds his back!
      You can imagine every conspiracy theory, even about me…. it will not make you right!

    1. Funny that you are not offended by the fact that lying crooked Trump was once the proud owner of the Trump fraudulent university and that the crook was promoting a pyramid scheme on his dub show the Apprentice, and that he is presently using the presidency in order to enrich himself.
      Yesterday the orange buffoon was bathing in his sycophants adulations in Minneapolis, just before getting through one more sleepless night.

    2. Champ Owner
      He didn’t make over $100k a month. If you’re going to try to make an argument, you need all the facts. All you need to do is google this stuff and you’ll see how you’ve been mislead. The $1.5 billion was the investment companies goal. Biden didn’t buy into that company until 2017 and had made no income from them prior to that. Many foreign and domestic companies look for recognizable big name people to sit on their boards. Just look up Henry Kissinger and see how many boards he’s on. He was on the board of Theranos who’s founders are currently under indictment and awaiting trial, yet he’s not charged with anything because he did nothing wrong. Please do some reading and research whatever Fox tells you to believe because you’re not getting the whole story or anything that is close to the truth.

    3. @Champ Owner There are differences and I will try and briefly explain them but it will likely be a waste of time because the MAGA crowd aren’t really interested in facts that run contrary to the reality they have chosen.

      1) Christopher Steele is not a Country/State
      2) HRC was not the President then or now
      3) oppo research in and of itself , is not illegal or impeachable
      and as a small side note, Christopher Steele was initially hired by The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, funded by a conservative activist hedge fund manager named Paul Singer but I guess when Trump became the nominee, hey there was still money to be made on all this juicy research so why not offer it up to someone else

      Now that is just some broad strokes, there are people who could do a much better job explaining things but I suspect they too would be wasting their time, much as I just did

      And as far as Biden goes – he’s just another corporate Democrat who is corrupt in the more traditional less obvious way. It would suit me just fine if this thing splatters on Joe and prevents him from being the democratic nominee. A President Sanders or President Warren sounds pretty good to my ear.

      Try to give other news sources a fair try – not just Hannity/Levin and the rest. You may not believe it, but they are paid liars.

    4. @Max Taurus Steele received his information from Russia so it is okay to use a side channel, but not ask a country directly to investigate corruption? The media keeps stating this is unprecedented what trump did, and it is really not. all this drama is be created by the media and dems

    5. @Max Taurus and your fine with biden getting busted for being corrupt but not fine with trump looking into the corruption?

  5. So what happens when Rudy has to go to a jail where he will meet all the people he had arrested as Mayor of New York???? hmmmm?????

    1. @orphan 200 Yep an excuse to push people out and make big real estate bucks, I wonder if Trump was involved then?

    2. @Trumps Dantichrist I never knew he got knighthood. ironic though because during 9/11 he was using Churchill’s account of the blitz as a guideline as to what to do. That is something

    3. @Trumps Dantichrist For sure. We have somthing here called rent stablized apt. It was enacted after WW2 for returning vets. The law remains today. The rent is regulated by the state rent board.Once youleave the landlord can raise the rent closer to market value There are some rules of course. I thinkit was the 80’s trumpee had a bldg near the UN he wanted to change to coops. He harrassed ppl so they would move and crap.Harresment by you rlandlord is against the law now. So Jerold has a bldg here in queens he wanted to convert. They had construction all hours and put rats in the bldg. he is being sued for 50m. he could go to jail as wlll this trumps and kushners.are realPOS

    1. Lill Bee answe would be stupid, but we dint know all this firsthand so I don’t know if that can work as an excuse ☺ since all this is supposed to be found out before electing a person to be president then I guess it’s on us we failed big time and the enablers need to know when it’s time to let go.

  6. I feel so jebaited. Guliani waving around a document he got from a Kremlin operative. It literally says so in the front page. Both Trump and Guliani are actual idiots.

    1. Glen Beck Origin of Trump Russia Investigation:Meet Alex Chalupa DNC opposition researcher on Ukraine. Its Chalupa which gave them the whole Biden enchilada.

    2. Took you 3 yrs to realize that??? Glad you know now!!

  7. Trump’s actions are straight out of Putin’s playbook of schemes, but I’m sure that’s just a total coincidence.

    1. Glen Beck Origin of Trump Russia Investigation:Meet Alex Chalupa DNC opposition researcher on Ukraine. Its Chalupa which gave them the whole Biden enchilada.

    2. No, no… Don’t insult Putin like that. Trump wishes he was as good at scheming as his buddy Putin. Trump is just a pathetic wannabe dictator.

    3. @Champ Owner The report was originally commissioned by one of Trump’s competitors in the Republican primary, but people like you do not seem to care about that.
      Also, let’s say I am being put on trial for a crime like bank robbery. I can’t stop the judge speaking mid-trial to tell the court that I shouldn’t be on trial when I have information about an armed robber who has committed a crime and walks free. Would the court stop my trial to follow up on this information? Or would it simply follow-up on that information, too, and prosecute both crimes? If Hunter Biden committed a crime, I want to see a trial for that, too. However, it does not excuse the open admission of what is legally defined as a crime on the part of another guilt party.

  8. micheal cohen…”learn from my mistake all who covered for this president the same fate awaits you”

    1. @Cali Greene hahahahahahahahahahahhaha! Your comment is funnier than a FAIL video! I really laughed out loud!

    1. Trump has singlehandedly destroyed the “political drama” genre. No fiction could possibly top this reality.

    2. If you would come up with story like this for movie it would not be succesfull: not credible enough: B-movie😅😂

  9. The following is from “Trump, on his way to a rally in Minneapolis, told reporters he had no knowledge of the situation and hadn’t spoken to Giuliani about it. “I don’t know them,” he said. “I don’t know about them, I don’t know what they do. But, I don’t know, maybe they were clients of Rudy. You’d have to ask Rudy. I just don’t know”. All that is missing is the hissing you hear when aboard a sizable luxury jet…his time, the cadence of the wording…even how it ends sound EXACTLY like the response from the question from WAY back…remember this?

    Q Then why did Michael Cohen make those if there was no truth to her allegations?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney. And you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen

    1. @Shaheeda William There’s a picture of Trump and Pence with both! I love how they keep trying to insulate Pence in case they all need a pardon.

    2. Trump claims to not know these guys. It’s only a matter of time before Trump starts claiming how little he knows Giuliani.

    1. AND VP Pence is ALSO in the photo. Let us not get too focused on trump cause Pence is ALWAYS his “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Both gotta go.

    2. @Total Genius It’s a terrible thing when a father raises almost all of his children to be swindlers and grifters. The only two Trump children who are probably free of the criminal family business are possibly Tiffany and Barron.

    3. Nailed it, we’ve been waiting on the pic since yesterday. We knew 1 was out there..and OOPS THERE IT IS!!!! LOL LOL No, I don’t know them…..yeah, ya do and so does Donnie the Snake Jr!!

    1. @David Goldman well now we know you’re the uneducated Republican’t moron donnie’s minion.🤣🤣




    2. Trump and his team of thieves are all culls. Trump is the lead cull who unfortunately believes he is infallible.

    3. @below me What’s the weather like in Moscow I’d guess that’s where you are you’d have to be a russian troll if not then you are just a run of the mill nut job

  10. Like Rudy’s assembled dream team to slander Joe Biden all being arrested or under house arrest it’s time to arrest Rudy as well and his main client Donald Trump.

    1. As long as the plane was still over American water, that plane could have been ordered to return. A small legal maneouver rarely used except in the most exceptional circumstance.

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