CTV National News | Thursday, March 30, 2023

A grand jury indicts Donald Trump over hush money payments; final report into 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting shows widespread RCMP failures.

Donald Trump indicted (0:00)
Final report on Nova Scotia mass shooting (4:26)
Doctrine of Discovery (8:35)
Safety of Trudeau's staff (12:53)
Russia arrests another American (16:40)
Ryan Reynolds wants to buy Ottawa Senators (20:50)

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  1. Great we have another report that says the rcmp processes are flawed. If they are that bad why hasn’t those managing the rcmp fixed it and what the heck is this report going to fix?

    1. you mean like Brenda Lucky??? What can she fix,when she is a cause ? Oh yes, she “retired”, so it will go away! What a dodge!

  2. 6:17 I don’t get how banning certain weapons will work considering the shooter in this case acquired his weapons illegally.

    1. ask trudow, he knows every thing about gun logic………………said no one ever, who had any sense of reason!!

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