Democrats Move To Expand Social Safety Net

Congress is preparing to address a packed to-do list this month with deadlines that carry high stakes for President Joe Biden. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Democrats Move To Expand Social Safety Net


  1. Horde toilet paper now, before the gov’t uses it all to print money.

    1. @recompile 325 trillion dollars is bot reducing the deficit. It was the Democrats who cause the housing bubble crises in 2009. Sorry to tell you.

  2. inequality can be fixed with one thing……………..SELF ACCOUNTABILITY…..but the left won’t push that. because that would take away all their power

    1. @Danielle Swafford

      And you believed it? Corporations are own abd run by productive people. We independents call them “taxpayers.”

    1. @Dean Gullberry Thanks for your personal anecdote and potential false equivalence example. Please tell me how tariffs are good for trade.

    2. @Truth91 The 1% already pays 85% of ALL TAXES. Why is the left so dense? The facts are there to be seen but you all live in the twilight zone.

  3. The power is with the people if they want something they should have it, it’s time to bring justice to the system.

    1. What does that even mean? You think the power is now with the people? You think entitlement expansion is justice?

  4. When they want to propose a tax the rich eat the rich proposition to be popular with the masses meanwhile be exempt from it themselves 🙄

  5. The only thing the government showered the economy with was TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!!
    The nerve of these selfish politicians thinking that it is THEIR money!! Without the American taxpayers, they have nothing 🤬🤬🤬

    1. 4.5 trillion- military budget
      1.9 trillion – infrastructure
      3.5 trillion- social safety net
      2.1 trillion – union and small business bailout
      This still leaves us with $10,000,000,000.

  6. “expanding the social safety net” usually means hundreds of billions for special interests, with a few dollars going to the working Taxpayers who are funding all the stuff.

    1. @Nobody Special I look at it from the viewpoint of a taxpayer. It is trillions of dollars, and future generations will be burdened with paying it off because it’s all borrowed money.

    2. @ElectricBiker They won’t economics don’t work that way, money invested into the populace is money circulated through the economy where as money given to the ultra rich ends up in offshore bank accounts and drives up the interest rate to deal with the outflux of available capital.

      Answer this simple question. Do you think that Jeff Bezos buys groceries at a grocery store? If yes then you have a point if no then you see the issue yes?

    3. naw, trumps not in office anymore so no billions for medical supplies never delivered from his bros. but hey, if you can PROVE that all the money gets put into special interests, love to see the EVIDENCE child…especially when big business CONSISTENTLY tries to shut it down…so what are these SPECIAL INTERESTS of yours fool?

    4. So then I assume you think no, jeff billionaire bezos who does not pay taxes on Amazon income shops at the local costco. Right so where is all that money Amazon is not paying back into the tax system for roads, schools, ect… going?

      Lets change track, where would the money go if you gave everyone a 2000 dollar check today? Bills? Some stupid electronic? A car? Food? Sure some might save it but the majority of people will use that to buy goods or pay for services which then get taxed at (in my state) .6% on the dollar and that money goes… YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT BACK INTO THE STATE! See the economy only works when people have capital to buy goods which sets demand which sets price which sets supply which then creates revenue for the company that supplies the goods to meet the demands of the people who control the capitol. If the people MAKING the goods control the capitol then you have a dry economy, if the people BUYING the goods control the capitol you have a flush economy.

      Deficit and Surplus its all related to whom owns the resources.

  7. On the one hand everything Biden has plans for so for to pay for it it’s always tax the corporations well who do you think pays for that higher tax? we do, ya hurt the corporations they hurt us.

    1. How about post-scarcity humanism instead?
      4.5 trillion- military budget
      1.9 trillion – infrastructure
      3.5 trillion- social safety net
      2.1 trillion – union and small business bailout
      This still leaves us with $10,000,000,000. I see this as conservatism if nothing else, don’t you?

  8. “Social Safety Net” translation “Tax you more and devalue your savings and income by massive money printing / inflation.”

    1. Money literally has no worth based on the amount of it that exists, its worth is determined by the access that people have to it. If there are say A trillion dollars locked in a bank vault owned by one person VS a trillion dollars with each person having only one dollar, which do you think has a higher value?

    2. Not true. The predicted annual GDP for the US in 2021 is $22 trillion. That’s without proper taxation or investment.
      4.5 trillion- military budget
      1.9 trillion – infrastructure
      3.5 trillion- social safety net
      2.1 trillion – union and small business bailout
      This still leaves us with $10,000,000,000.
      That doesn’t seem like over spending to me. We can even tac some on to widle down our debt with China.

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