Democrats So Pissed! FBI Gets Warrant to Read Hillary Clinton Emails on Weiner’s Laptop 10/31/16

Democrats are so Pissed at James Comey! FBI Gets Warrant to Read Hillary Clinton Emails on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner's Laptop 10/31/16

Hillary Clinton FBI investigation reopened after 650,000 emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner computer – October 31, 2016


  1. kinda looks like the Clinton campaign over looked a small loose end..
    hahaha .. unless it was there intent to keep and leak the emails for
    profit, looks like that now is off the table and I hope they find something
    good and finally put an end to this crime spree campaign and family

  2. Is it possible? …Anthony Wiener is blackmailing a whole lot of persons
    here?????? I’d say the EMAILS are lining up with the WIKI-LEAKS, therefore
    forcing some of these Luciferion Freemasons, NWO, to be real nervous(
    including persons of mass media)[, WALL STREET ] ….The amount, and level
    of corruption here is more then likely unsurpassed!!!

    1. It truly IS possible and highly likely – after all, those files were called
      Life Insurance. So, now, where is Huma? Is she in Saudi Arabia or buried?

  3. Michelle Obama just stopped following Hilary Clinton on Twitter and deleted
    all of her tweets supporting her. This is going down people. Wikileaks just
    came out involving President Obama. Google it! Please share this on social

  4. Boil them all in oil or tar and feather them all! Comey knows he has to
    redeem himself because he has lost a lot of respect of the American
    people. There is no way Hillary should not be indicted and prosecuted.
    H.A. Goodman found in 9 minutes enough evidence to do just that before the
    Weiner emails!! So, if the FBI doesn’t come to the same conclusion then
    there is a real problem here.

    1. Trey Gowdy called Harry Reid a HACK! If Comey broke the Hacks law then so
      did Obama by campaigning for Hillary!

  5. So, when Comey didn’t act against Bloody Killary everything was fine and
    nobody could complain about obstructing of justice. Now when he is doing
    his job, Dems ask for his resignation, humm… What about Killary’s
    resignation? She should be enpeeched together with Obama

  6. you do realize these dumps are coming from the nsa thru
    you do understand this…dont you…
    you really believe china or russia can do this ahahaha

  7. Corrupt – dishonest – crook – liar – Bill’s rape victims attacker –
    sociopath – psychopath – sick and rotten to the bone Hillary Clinton should
    finish behind bars asap.

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