DHS Sec. Mayorkas warns migrants of smuggler’s lies as Title 42 ends | USA TODAY

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told migrants "do not believe lies of smugglers" as he warns of "tougher consequences" as Title 42 expired.

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An emergency immigration restriction which allowed easier expulsion of migrants at the southern border has ended after more than three years, likely accelerating a surge of asylum seekers that had already begun in anticipation of the change.

The controversial Title 42 program had been tied to the federal public health emergency for COVID-19. That also expired at the end of May 11.

The Biden administration, which had been blocked by the Supreme Court from ending the Trump-era policy earlier, has been preparing for the change for nearly two years.

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  1. Smugglers lies? The second they get in they get paperwork for court date four years down the line.

    1. That piece of paper for Notice to Appear is what they really want. It’s what allows those people to file for Social Security and every other thing the citizens here, need more.

    2. @Pirates Cove They still have to appear in court until their case is resolved or else they lose their work permit.

    1. I disagree. They know exactly what they are doing. All of the BS they have done cannot be ineptness it seems more of a plan.

  2. Imagine if we put this much time, energy and effort into our own country and its people? Oh, wait… That would be “rAycYsT”!

    1. Even the fact that we have allowed to Salem second, for the last I don’t know 200+ years besides the last six years 🤡

    1. @Benito Salazar The era of the citizens has long passed and the era of the oligarch is ending; this is the era of Caesars, Atillas and Alarics.

  3. And yet CBP was bitching about a federal judge shutting down the catch and release policy CBP wanted to do… Basically give these illegals a court date and tell them to go to an ICE facility with no escorting them and hope they go of their own volition. A federal judge said no

  4. Great job… I feel so safe and secure now. I think I’ll go surrender my means of self-protection

    1. He almost cried because he knows the huge humanitarian crisis. Legal or not, people are suffering.

    2. @你的好朋友 Move out of your house and give it to an illegal immigrant otherwise you don’t care enough.

  5. Thanks to mayorkas and the Corrupt Corprate Press for putting America in this situation to begin with.

  6. I’d say he was an incompetent fool if I didn’t know this was all intentional to begin with.

  7. Right on time! So efficient and effective! Giving a “stern” warning TWO YEARS after becoming the LEACH, I am sorry… the leader of Homeland Security! Gave it the DAY AFTER Title 48 expired!
    Gives true meaning to “a day late, and a dollar short”! BLESSINGS!

    1. This was just ridiculous. Does he think us the American people are stupid 74 million Americans wanted it closed three years ago when Biden and you opened it all up give me a break.

    2. @Laura Craft It isn’t that simple. There are laws in place and those laws need to followed.
      Title 42 was specifically related to potential medical ‘threat’ of people crossing the border. The Trump admin initiated this as a result of Covid. Covid was just recently declared to no longer be an emergency. Legally Title 42 must end.

    3. @Dixie girl TB is already an issue in the US. It is unlikely that people crossing the border would make that significantly worse.

  8. It amazes me to see this dude say this now when a few months back he was the most adamant on treating illegal immigrants with an open arm

  9. Tougher consequences, including free places to stay, a job offering right off the bat, if you came here illegally thanks to these fools

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