Did Trump Violate The Constitution Plugging His Own Club To Host Next G7? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Noting that there's ample parking and plenty of space, Trump used a G7 press conference to plug his own struggling Miami club to host the meeting in 2020. David Fahrenthold discusses if the president violated the Constitution by doing that.
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Did Trump Violate The Constitution Plugging His Own Club To Host Next G7? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. A better question is how many times has he violated the Constitution? This is not the first, and it’s not the last. He’s violated the Emoluments Clause several times already, and Congress has done nothing!

    1. @Yvette Lee because their all taking money some how some way shape or form Pelosi has accumulated 100 MILLION since getting into politics. I don’t vote for nobody that takes money from corporations I just dont

    2. Correct Everytime he goes to his golf resorts the taxpayers pay for his bills. He charges to stay in his places

  2. I don’t think Putin has ever come psychologically, but as a former KGB agent, he certainly understands the psychology of making Trump come at his command.

    1. Biggus Dickus ….Putin outclasses Trump in every way. Putin is a brilliant evil 😈 man who is playing Trump like a fiddle ….God help us!

  3. We all know he has lied 12,000+ times, but is anyone keeping track of how many times he has broken the law ?

    1. He can break the law 10 million times and for some reason, nobody, no one at all will take him to task. No one. Big, blustering bully baby gets free reign.

    2. D SP : Gerrymandering, spots of voter suppression, and plain laziness and indifference is partially at fault as well. This, along with Russian influence was in Trump’s favor.

      Many Black people thought Trump was a joke OR the most honest man alive. Yeah, I said it. I was stumped so many Black males thought Trump was “real”. Black women did not share this opinion from my observations. Of course these were the young folks under the age of thirty. That part of the electorate that tends to sit out elections. The number of votes carrying the most influence in Blue or Purple states were NOT cast. Those voters never left the house on Election Day. Hence, the electoral college and angry working class people (including people of color) won the day. In addition, there is quite a bit of distaste in predominantly Black communities for HRC. They saw a no-win situation. This is how I read the atmosphere at the time, so I state this as an opinion, not a statement of fact.

    1. Terry Dever…not to Trumpublicans. Most repubs are finally against him. Just the crazies still hanging onto his coattails now.

    2. Laws don’t mean anything anymore, not when it comes to Trump and his gang. Laws matter still when it comes to you and me.

    3. Why are the prisons not empty. We have no laws any more . trump killed the constitution of the united states. If hes NOT guilty for obstruction.and lieing .we have no laws.any more. Release the PRISONERS.

  4. Didn’t Conway do the same with Ivanka’s brand?
    What is the purpose of laws that don’t apply to everyone?

    1. @FightFair LoseEasy seriously? There are too many to list. Check trumps legal affairs on wikapedia. Pick one out of the toilet tissue roll of charges his lawyers keep fighting and putting off.

    2. @Ron Chasr actually closer to a thousand prosecutors said he broke the law and should be prosecuted if he was not president

    1. Did you notice when Trump posted the photo of Greenland with a picture of Trump Tower. It just proves my point. Trump First. Make Trump Great Again. It may have been a joke but it shows his true agenda… Himself.

  5. Regardless of the constitution question, did Trump violate basic ethics and integrity considerations you would expect of even the lowest ranked public officials to observe?

    1. No he didnt and if the Jackasses in the comment were to look past the propaganda peddled by MSNBC they would see that BUT OF COURSE we have people only seeing what THEY want to see

    1. Hes not part of the human race . He’s from the genus homosakaswine also not of this planet . Probably and most likely a disease carrier , exercise extreme caution . Disinfectant is highly recommended after viewing any images or content of the subject .

    2. Rice Crash, unfortunately only brainwashed white supremacists support tRump and evangelical religious cults. Cut the grass so we can see these snakes!

  6. This whole presidency was all about making money and still is. But due to his criminality, its now also about staying out of prison…

    1. Why is anyone engaging Fight Fair Lose Easy…. i mean, his name says that he’s a liar and a cheat. Why would facts, video evidence, and logic mean anything to him?

    2. 😅😆😃😁😀,summitt 💰💵💰💵💰💰🏌🏌🏌🏌🕵😈☻ money 🤔🤔🤔🤔🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐉

    1. ​@Nameless Are you suggesting that those people can’t count to 6? XD
      (I know, I know. But to be fair, I doubt most Americans could tell you… let’s say four. Everyone throws around the first and second– whether they understand them or not. And the fifth has been abused to death, basically an instance of someone admitting they’re guilty of something. Ask for any of the others, and prepare for blank stares and wild guesses.)

    1. Actually Trump will be remembered as owning Bush, Obama, and the Clinton’s and all you snowflakes! Ha

    1. FightFair LoseEasy

      There’s nothing that can be done as long as Moscow Mitch and the other GOP ratfuckers in Congress refuse to act.

    2. @Veronica Stewart Trump not taking money would be far less likely than Trump telling the truth for a day

  7. He is talking like a real estate agent hawking his property at the G7 summit. As well as making a lot of money on such a thing, he could then advertise the place as the meeting place for the G7 summit. It must be super classy,eh???
    This is what big time corruption looks like.

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