1. I wonder what happens if they loose and don’t understand that most people
    don’t listen to Alex Jones and that likes don’t matter….:D;.

  2. *36 seconds of pro-Trump will never make us forgot that Sky News works for
    the Clintons pumping out endless pro-Hillary propaganda*

  3. I think he’s going to win because cheating paid off and an outright
    criminal got to run against a man most anyone else could beat easily. The
    Democrats couldn’t find a worse candidate if they tried.

    1. Rebuilt Gearbox They thought they could get an unpopular candidate through
      to the Presidency by facing off against a more unpopular candidate. It’s
      all backfiring against them now.

  4. Both Hillary and Trump are bad as president so does it matter at this
    point? America’s fucked either ways

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