DOJ Declines To Prosecute Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to pursue charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, according to an e-mail provided to NBC News by his attorneys. The Justice Department inspector general found in 2018 that McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump, misled investigators about a leak to the media about a probe into the Clinton Foundation. Aired on 2/14/2020.
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DOJ Declines To Prosecute Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. ​@Will Ganness Holding Obama accountable for anything would be a hate crime in their eyes. Their heros are seen as God’s after media indoctrination.

    2. @liberalthinker noname Hillary destroyed evidence ,you do that to the cops and what happens,the whole system is corrupt,it’s time we the people do something about it!

    3. ​@Dumpty Humpty Actually Trump did if you recall correctly. The Clinton game only lasted until election. Then we had work to do.. While you remained overwhelmed with Russia and Muller we have been soaking in the benefits of having skyrocketing investments.

    4. @J why are you assuming that I believed the Russia thing
      The only major achievement trump has done is the 2017 taxcut and it ain’t working out very well for the working class
      No healthcare reform (trump is currently fighting in court about to repeal preconditions)
      No wall paid by Mexico
      He did rebrand the NAFTA into usmca (basically the same thing)
      His trade war with China is still going on (his fase 1 is just a ceasefire)
      And if you say the stockmarket is great it sure is if you own stocks(only 50% own stocks and the top 1 % own 90% of those stocks)
      Do you like the trump budget proposal where cuts social security Medicare and Medicaid programs with value of 2 trillion just to pay for his tax cut?

  1. What a shock. First Hillary now this?! It’s also almost as unbelievable as Obama’s birth certificate investigation leading no where!

    1. @Will Ganness – *You didn’t write any facts…..sooo, I guess ALL, with reputable sources, would suffice!*

  2. What are the cultists going to say about that? Darned deep state got involved and stopped the investigation I guess?

    1. @Kittymittens Knit’n real criminals someone that actually commits a criminal act. Like Trump and his entire crime family and administration. Not the ones who he projects his own guilt on with the help of his sheepish supporters.

    2. @Kittymittens Knit’n a pretend criminal is someone people like the racist in chief deems a criminal for having a different view then his. Or he feels holds him accountable so it must be against the law.

  3. Trumplethinskin the obtuse fool doesn’t understand the rule of law. God willing it will catch up with him and his authoritarian regime of Blowhardia!

  4. This is just repugnant. He was a damned boy-scout. But, you can not run corruption in every direction if you have boy-scouts. We… The People, are going to speak to this and much more come the November near-extinction event that is going to visit itself upon the Russ-Thugu-KKKunts at the ballot boxes.

    Of course, Cadet Bone-Spurs is going to try something to stop the elections or the results. The rigging of elections in this country is outshone by the hate with which it is done. F the haters.

  5. US government is a shadow of it’s former self. All smoke and mirrors. The fact that Trump still occupies the office he so successfully diminished is proof. Sad joke.

    1. Really? Well just get used to it since Trump will be in office for another 4 years and he will then replace Ginsburg and add more federal judges.

    2. @MD Mattis Mad Dog Mattis… Really? You’re such a f’ing joke. Where is the real Mad Dog now? I wonder what he thinks of the Orange Dips#!+? Go back to pounding sand

    3. @V Can’t wait until they all get to crawl back to their trailers or under their rocks again and quietly blame the Dems for all the damage their party of grifters have done to their country.

    1. In case you didn’t pay attention they did investigate Mccabe. Back in September of 2019 the Grand Jury REJECTED the charges on Mccabe. This is a very rare incidence and usually only happens when prosecutors don’t really have a case but they try to push something through anyway. Trump and his goons continue to investigate anyone that investigated or went against Trump and keep coming up empty. But when Trumps friends are found guilty Barr and his minions step in and risk everything to save them. Makes you wonder what secrets Flynn and Stone have that would cause people in the DOJ to risk their careers to keep those two quite.

  6. 😶 Real Americans do not spread conspiracy theories about the u.s. attack our justice system they don’t talk to the rooskies either

    1. Rober, I have a total opposite view than you. I think is the other way around. Dems in congress abused their majority power to pursue multiple coup attempts since his election. And colluded with swamp in government ( the so called intelligence agency types) to frame him, violate the law with FISA courts, leaks, coverups of Ukraine corruptions,.  The list is so long. You get my point. We are total opposites. I am with Rand Paul on this.

  7. Oof. Racist grandpa Sticky-Fingers McOrange is gonna have field day weekend Twattering about this one. Brace for dramaqueen-impact.

    1. pr0xZen too bad, too sad. Only his illiterate followers will give it credence 🤷🏽‍♀️ and his words mean NOTHING at all. Never have. The media has no choice but to report this garbage otherwise he might just die off from the lack of attention. There’s an idea?? 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. You have to be brain dead… McCabe lied and LEAKED information on Trump as well as the origins of the bad FISA warrants come from McCabe….. PLUS he LIED to investigators to cover up what he did… FOR that he should be in Prison…. General Flynn lied and he is being prosecuted… SO why not little Andy McCabe??????

  8. In other words, McCabe did nothing wrong, just like Hillary did nothing wrong, unlike Trump and Barr who do wrong on a regular basis,

    1. Purple Heart Scott The commies are all the Donald Dump 💩💩 bro’s on their keyboards in the Kremlin.

      So, to you I say … OK comrade.

  9. Barr: “It was a perfect criminal investigation. PERFECT. Russia, China, if you’re listening.. you can call off your witch hunt investigations of McCabe, too. Nothing to see here. Fake news!”

  10. ❤️ and celebrate Andy McCabe and his family. They deserve it. This was joyous news today 😊 After every storm, there comes a rainbow 💛🙏🏽

  11. Anyone who catches Russian spies is a hero, and McCabe caught a lot of Russian spies. McCabe’s retirement needs to be reinstated.

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