Donald Trump: Making America Great Again?

The 2016 election exposed deep divisions within the United States. Can President-elect Trump now bring the country together?

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  1. hes not even in office yet and already our relationship with Philippines
    and Russia has improved a ton. Russia was about to rip up the plutonium
    deal with the US and the president of Philippines was about to kick out the
    US citizens working in the Philippines and join China.

  2. the USA was great when heavy industry was in north America not when blacks
    were slaves I love watching liberals squirm when make America great again
    is said . why do they associate that with a time when minorities were
    oppressed but conservatives don’t that’s an interesting question indeed .

  3. He hasn’t even started his term yet & people are just jumping to
    conclusions! This is not fair! People are so funny, people expected trump
    to except the result of the election & they themselves didn’t except the
    result! & they go out there protesting! they are such hypocrites!

  4. OMG guys this ain’t propaganda from the left, this is just what the
    situation in the US is like, a lot of people are fearing for their lives in
    the future. It saddens and angers me that there are some people out there
    who are being racist and think that they can get away with it, just because
    their candidate won. Then again, we should adopt a wait and see approach
    for a Trump presidency, I for one, am willing to give him a chance

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