Donald Trump pleads not guilty to felony charges in New York courtroom | USA TODAY

Donald Trump, the first president ever to be indicted, was charged for alleged conduct to "cover up other crimes" to boost his political career.
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Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts Tuesday in New York, a historic moment as the first former president ever to face criminal charges and a dramatic backdrop for the 2024 presidential race as he campaigns again for the White House.

Trump surrendered at Manhattan District Attorney's Office at 1:23 p.m. EST and was placed under arrest.

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    1. @Sandra McGill no I’m not! Stop defending him! If it were you to have done half the things he has in his life they’d have locked you up and thrown away the key a long time ago! Stop defending an outright criminal!!

  1. Good for you! My prayers are with you! 🙏 As should the entire Nation! 😪
    What a joke they’ve turned our nation and judicial system into! What a cry for help this Nation who’s helped so MANY now needs! Many prayers lifted 🙏 for you President Trump!!!!!

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