Donald Trump Prosecutes Hillary Clinton!

Donald Trump Prosecutes Hillary Clinton! 10/25/16

Donald Trump News – October 25, 2016


  1. To All Americans. Which Country should be FIRST?


    November 8th last day to VOTE.

  2. Voting for HRC would be worse than voting for Hitler because most of
    Hitler’s criminality and dishonesty was unknown when he was elected. HRC
    corruption is known. Do you really want to vote for a known liar and
    criminal? That is what HRC is.

  3. I think something he may want to include when he mentions companies moving
    out of the US and having to pay a 35% tariff when they send their goods
    back into the US, is the US will create a new company for each company
    leaving the US to take their place. This will create competition with those
    big companies who have been buying up the smaller upstart companies and
    basically shelving those ideas, and innovations. A lot of these larger
    corporations think they’re untouchable, and no one would dare compete with
    them. Let them know when they leave the US, they will no longer be
    considered an American corporation, and they can no longer put the smaller
    upstarts out of business. Then, and only then, will they have no choice but
    to stay. Many of their items have become absolute garbage over the past few
    decades. Once upon a time, you got what you paid for. If you paid a little,
    you could expect it to fall apart real fast. If you paid a lot, you could
    count on it lasting a long time. It seems with the monopolies currently in
    this nation, the products are absolute garbage and don’t last long enough
    to make up for the price paid for them. Quality used to be job one….now
    it’s just a second thought and something only the rich can afford.

  4. My family sent our mail in ballots in the beginning of the month! Don’t
    trust the election booths! There is not a better person to be President!
    Vote Trump!

  5. dont stop trump ,FREEDOM NEEDS IT ” .Ditch the Witch ! ”
    SEND SOROS BACK TO HELL Where he belongs !

  6. |It will be a wonder if Trump is able to overcome the tremendous Voter
    fraud. It is Trump and we the people against the corrupt establishment.

  7. can I vote from Australia,id vote for trump no worries,hes seems fair
    dinkum to me,come drain the swamp in oz aswell mate

  8. I can imagine the don walking around the table with a baseball bat lol,dont
    forget to give her the kiss of death mate

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