Donald Trump Soft on Putting Hillary Clinton in Jail 11/22/16

Donald Trump Soft on Putting Hillary Clinton in Jail 11/22/16


  1. maybe he just realized that her life isn’t worth piss being that she has
    money from all those countries who wanted favors. now that she’s not in
    power they’re going to want their money back.

  2. He tricked all the rednecks that he was one of them hahahaha the man is
    genius. The people that voted for him, the “working american” truly thought
    that a billionaire was one of them. hahahahaha he’s not gonna do ANY of the
    things he PROMISED.

  3. We New Yorkers know Trump recently changed parties just to get on the
    ballot but he’s a lifelong Democrat from Queens. For us, whether Hill or
    Trump won it’s a win win. He’ll govern like Democrat. Those campaign
    promises he sold the rubes on are worth as much as a diploma from Trump U.
    But Hillary’s worth a quarter billion in real money. She and Bill are
    beloved by Democrats and the business community and their speaking fees
    just went up. They bought the mansion next door for Chelsea and her family
    and their compound in that beautiful Westchester hamlet is guarded for life
    by the Secret Service. They will have a very Merry Christmas indeed!

  4. DJT better realize that his pr3sid3ncy can go from r3vo!uti0nary to ‘l6me
    duck’ disastrous very rapidly. This is p0tus elect DJT’s opportunity to
    prove to the U.S pu8lic that his 6dministrati0n will adhere to the ‘rul3 of
    l6w’. Failure to deliver on this key c6mp6ign promise will prove without a
    doubt that DJT is ‘controlled opposition’. I heavily doubt (about 1000001
    to 1 odds) DJT will bring about any meaningful pr0gress, however if he
    delivers ju$tice against the C|inton$ and their boss aka ‘the f3d’ he (DJT)
    will deserve a spot on Mt. Ru$hmor3

  5. Remember people this is the New York Times who said he said this, you know
    how they take things out of context. In addition they also said he said
    they could still prosecute her. So who knows what is really going on.

    Either way, with a new attorney general, it really is their call. If they
    want to indict they can. We know it won’t be Lynch anymore, so it will at
    least be someone who would potentially prosecute.

    Bottom line, let’s wait and see. He has only been president elect for about
    2 weeks, let’s withhold overreacting until later; at least until he’s
    actually president.

  6. Justice must be served! Who cares about her, when this sociopathic beastly
    woman has purjered, extorted, put hits on people, blackmailed, destroyed
    evidence, obstructed justice, and disrespects- We The People! WE WANT

  7. even if trump doesn’t worry about Hillary you still have the judicial watch
    investigating the Clinton foundation

  8. Wait, is the liberal media complaining that their queen isn’t locked up?
    Damn liberals! Lock her up and the liberals get angry. Don’t lock her up
    and they’re still angry! Wth!

  9. Trump doesn’t want to be “bogged down” ??? Parroted over and over by Fox
    news shills / bogus talking head robots! What a joke! All he has to do is
    say, ‘Prosecute her’ and other people will do all the actual work from that
    point onward. How stupid is this spin? Like Trump would prepare the case
    himself and then go to court everyday after also hand selecting the jury
    himself right??? As ridiculous as that scenario is, it would be great if he
    actually did so in an attempt to restore justice. It would be the most
    important thing he could do actually and it would hardly be referred to as
    him being “Bogged down”! So Fk off Fox and cut the complete BS with the
    “bogged down” crap or the other BS “He doesn’t want to cause divisiveness”
    spin repeated over and over by you and the rest of the bs msm. If he does
    not see to it that she is prosecuted, he’ll truly be “BOGGED DOWN” with
    never ending questions of disgust from those he lied to and duped into
    voting for him. That would also cause the real “DIVISIVENESS” you lying
    sacks of sh** are trying to spin into the complete opposite of reality as

  10. hes a liar Haiti will love him for it.i think they suffered and are
    suffering, but ah hell lets just forget about it.sweep it under the rug.

  11. thats just one example of the things he said/lied to you gullible idiots to
    get elected. congrats ppl imo this is the biggest scam in history! that
    dude con’d everybody!

  12. Trump should pardon Assange, Snowdon and Manning before letting Clinton off
    the hook. Both Clintons should rot in jail for crimes against humanity.

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