Donald Trump Speech 11/4/16 in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Donald Trump Speech 11/4/16 in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Full Speech – Donald Trump Rally – Hershey, PA – November 4, 2016


  1. Obama is the world’s biggest bully and hypocrite! This man preaches
    morality and political correctness; yet, he and his wife have been actively
    campaigning for Hillary, who is known to have cheated in the debate
    questions, among many other serious misconducts and charges and in light of
    the FBI investigations! Our country has become so immoral and corrupt, from
    the highest office down, setting bad examples for the American public! The
    fact that Hillary is still campaigning with the help of the president is
    unbelievable!! I don’t have an answer other than my belief that Obama is
    fighting to save his own skin!! I do not have the slightest respect for
    this moran president! This man totally lacks leadership and morality. He
    follows his own set of rules to poison and ruin our country! Vote for Trump
    to save our country from the evils!

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