Doris Kearns Goodwin: LBJ Signing Of Voting Rights Act An ‘Emotional Moment’

Friday marks the 56th anniversary of LBJ's signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and Mark Updegrove of the LBJ Presidential Library along with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin and Lauren Leader discuss.

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Doris Kearns Goodwin: LBJ Signing Of Voting Rights Act An 'Emotional Moment'


  1. If America overcomes this voting hurdle, we should be able to overcome the Republican hurdle because they have gone from an American political party to America’s number one enemy.

    1. First we have to overcome the turtle in the Senate that pride’s himself on being a obstructionist from under that shell of his

    1. Stop your disinformation. The bills in Georgia, Florida and Texas are eliminating the dead being able to vote. These bills eliminate people who have not voted in over six years. Election officials have sent mailers to the last known address each people and they come back being undeliverable meaning that very likely that people have moved out of the jurisdiction. What does stupid Republicans don’t understand is these bills are going to make it almost impossible for them to cheat. If they do cheat those responsible can serve a felony trial term. We almost support these bills.

    2. @T. R. Campbell Go find some votes cast by dead people. I think Pennsylvania found 2, or maybe that was Georgia.
      And 6 years without voting? That’s nothing. A voter that votes only in presidential elections, skips a year, then accidentally tosses a piece of mail is off the rolls.

  2. President Biden should follow LBJ’s strong-arm tactics and force SB 1 and the John Lewis Bill through the Senate. Like MLK said.. “it is the fierce urgency of NOW.”

    1. That’s beyond Biden’s power. The Senate would need either 60 supporters of the legislation, or 50 supporters of modifying the filibuster. The holdups are, at minimum, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Probably more.

    2. @Jeffrey Heinze Fry I’m well aware of the issues surrounding the filibuster. Here’s the deal, though.. these bills provide for election infrastructure funding. They can earmark some additional money for WV and AZ– just like Barack and the Dems did with the ACA, for difficult Red state Democrats.

  3. The voting rights act wasn’t strong enough too stand. And we must face the truth that people simply do not care enough about their vote to fight to keep it.

  4. Fn lol .. the US is such a culture that he has to use those words to explain to the US where it’s not ok to not have your entire nation vote merely on race… maybe the US should stop patting itself on the back… and many in the US and us other nations think we’re not racist… 😂 just look at our society’s and their socioeconomic structures

  5. Like learning about history about lbj and my favorite President jfk and Obama and Bill Clinton .

  6. Well the GOP has been trying to overturn this moment in history for decades. Trump has gave them a reason. ‘Make America Great Again” means go back to 1950s

  7. The Right to Vote Freely without fear, intimidation, and criminal activity…This was the intent and we need to get back to what LBJ signed into LAW!!!

  8. Here We are 56 years later fighting another attempt across our Country to limit our citizens’ the BASIC Right to VOTE.

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