Doug Ford under fire amid hospital crisis and privatization fears | QUESTION PERIOD

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  1. Fix the public system AND permit private services. The failure of the former and the lack of the latter both make Canada an anomoly among its peers.

    1. @Mom Tur I suggest otherwise. With government abandoning its failed monopoly, private organizations will sort out solutions, as markets always do. They do just fine, for example, in the UK: a strong NHS, stronger than Canada’s public health care, without prohibition on providing or accessing private options.

    1. @ARK CON Keep your hands off universal health care! Go to Trump country and pay through the nose!

    2. @Margaret Mary Dempster you mean like over 200,000 Canadians do every year?

      Guess how many Americans come to Canada for healthcare?

      Go on just guess…..

  2. How do you put $300,000,000 into backlog surgeries,…but don’t have the staff, and are capping raises??? Where exactly did the money go?

    1. Totally broken labour market thanks to political and bureaucrat meddling. Expect huge inefficiencies to emerge. We already see it in the increase in overtime shifts and agency nursing that has the effect of blowing away the questionable objectives of the 1% salary increase cap.

    2. To the private sector. If there’s anything conservatives know how to do, it’s to take something that’s working, undermine it until they’re forced to lower standards and go outside the public system, then spend twice as much money to enrich either their friends or whoever has bribed them the most.

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