Dozens killed after suicide bomber hits mosque in Pakistan | USA TODAY

At least 27 people have died and as many as 147 people wounded after a suicide bomber attacked a mosque in Pakistan.

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No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, said Saddique Khan, a senior police official in Peshawar, but the Pakistani Taliban have been blamed in similar suicide attacks in the past. As the number of casualties rose, Peshawar police chief Ijaz Khan gave the latest tolls.

The bomber detonated his suicide vest as some 200 worshipers were praying inside or heading to the mosque for prayers.

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  1. Don’t disturb Pakistani Let them celebrate peacefully. You may expect more such celebrations in Pakistan near future

    1. @♈︎ Tracy’s Forest 𓂀 :Aur tere randi ammi would be better.Uski toh uda doon ha mein.Haramzade kutte spic

  2. The video doesn’t match the story. I don’t see a single person hurt or who looks like they were injured. The building doesn’t look like it was just bombed. Maybe a while ago sure. Just seems off to me. Wouldn’t be the first time the news posted vague clips in another language and made up a story to go with it.

    1. @David jones I’m not saying it isn’t real. Maybe I watch too many movies but it just doesn’t look how I guess I expected it to look when I clicked on the video. I guess I expected to see fire or smoke or some apparent evidence of a bombing. Just doesn’t LOOK like what they said that’s all I meant. But like I said maybe I watch too many movies. It’s not like I’ve seen one in person

  3. If we all follow the self boom boomer’s example of being fearless, we would all be better people. So stunning and brave.

  4. Though I’m not muslim, this is incredibly sad and disturbing. A mosque is their place of worship and now people will be traumatized going there.

    1. muhammad bought and sold blacks as slaves – why should we be sad when bad things happen to people who follow that evil man

    2. @Why did I write that Hmm but they shd encourage muslims for education, women rights,women freedom secularism and acceptance of criticism of their religion if there is something genuine to criticised. It is sad to see that they support Taliban or any other terrorist groups as their saviour it is saddest thing to see they are causing their own harm. I pray for the innocent souls who were killed may they find peace.

    1. @Lou Smith stfu America is a stolen land which once become a country after killing the native Americans and America funded the Taliban and created the taliban !Mf

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