Dr. Moore questioned on how in-person learning will remain safe in Ont. | COVID-19 in Canada

Ontario's chief medical health officer Dr. Kieran Moore took questions on the resumption of in-person learning at schools.

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  1. In person learning is so 20th Century. Online learning is great, safe, efficient. Gives parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids and provide their own childcare.

    1. @V T why should they get paid less? When you go to work do you have to put up with kids that have no discipline or parents that can’t control their children? No you put up with adults that have to follow social rules or get sent to HR. Or get fired for not following work place rules.

    2. That’s not true it’s shown that virtual leading espcially for children is less effective by a crazy amount in terms of how much they actually learn and it’s horrible for their mental health!!

  2. Oh oh it’s the big cheese , Mr make it up as we go along , hopeful yes did you invest in the Vax early on ? So you make big cash as well ?little kids next toddlers next the we baby’s , boy oh boy you guys got it all figured out !

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  4. Give the whiners what they want.Close schools entirely all across Canada until there are 0 new cases. Just say ok here you go. You ‘protect’ them forever.

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