Dr. Osterholm: These Vaccines Are Incredibly Safe And Effective


  1. Start with investment in education and teaching critical thinking. Maybe the children of today will grow up not being idiots like their parents.

    1. @Buddy Mckimmey good
      remember that
      as they push that tube down your throat
      remember my words as it happens… ”Bye Felicia.”

    2. @no more safe space Medical science doesn’t have all the answers. Many diseases have unknown causes and ZERO cures nor treatments. Every time we take an OTC drug or surgery or go on a special diet etc., we assume a risk and have to weigh the odds of efficacy / costs/ benefits. For some reason, COVID has become humans very first encounter with germs, illness and disease.

  2. For sure, but there continues to be antivaxxers with plenty of hokey conspiracy theories here in the U.S.

    1. because Dr. Fauci has moved on to focus on the extra protection for the VACCINATED Americans, as have i.

  3. “I have rights to ignore the so called scientists I don’t trust!” Also-“Please Save me I’m dying science!”

    Sigh, only in the GQP….

  4. Yes, but the rate of vaccines in arms is increasing it is still below 500K and with 90 million unvaccinated it will take months to even cut that number in half and we all know there is going to be substantial number of hardcore anti-vaxxers who simply will refuse it. The disaster is on for Sept. & Oct…the truth is obvious with schools back in session.

  5. It makes sense. I think of it in terms of viral load. Two people breathing without masks, huge viral load; with masks, big reduction of viral load.

  6. Maybe the NRA could meet in South Dakota. And sell ammo with “Live Free and Die” written on each bullet.

  7. I still love that FDA mock them as being cows and horses taking dewormer for livestock! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    with the picture if a human doctor standing next to a horse, a cow

  8. Unvaccinated adults and children are exposed to a higher chance of a variant mutating into a super bug, getting vaccinated and wearing masks for children and unvaccinated adults is STILL a MUST!

  9. I got the moderna vaccine in May, 65 years old with underlying condition. I wasn’t going to wait around and get sick end up in the hospital. My doctors recommend I get it. My whole family got vaccinated, we didn’t get sick from it.

  10. I am fully vaccinated! 🇺🇸
    I served my Country by getting vaccinated! 🇺🇸💐
    I wish the US government would draft me into the US army! 🇺🇸💐

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