Dropping support NDP supporters may indicate voters swinging to Trudeau: Nanos | TREND LINE

With only one more week left to go in the election campaign, a recent dip in support for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh could indicate that some of his party’s supporters are swinging to the Liberals, according to pollster Nik Nanos.

According to Nanos Research’s nightly tracking data conducted for CTV News and the Globe and Mail, support for Singh as the preferred prime minister has steadily declined over the past four days.

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    1. @Okurrrr okay there honey cups. Not trusting a trend is like denying climate change. I won’t be entertaining your flat earth ideas here.🗺

    2. @Raymond SI LMAO sorry y’all, my bad, I really thought you guys were for the PPC my bad💀 I thought that party became a Twitter trend or something oop-
      I believe in climate change😭♥️

    1. And we will all be screwed higher taxes he said that he will tax our savings so prepare yourself for Trudeau the dictator

  1. Ekos poll looks more in line with reality but I guess we’ll see come 20th. Why does Nanos get the most coverage exactly? Like way more than anyone else these days?

    1. Now I don’t know this for sure but I believe it’s because it compiles multiple polls and combines their data.

    2. Where does nanos get the most coverage? A show hosted by the company’s founder on a network owned by Bell… Does anyone read actual news anymore, or does it have to be fed to you by partisan talking heads?

    1. Because he will tax the ultra-rich….both of them….he will get an extra 20,000 tax dollars from each of them. That wouldn’t cover an NDP shindig at the YMCA

    1. @Eagle everyone says the conservative party is going to win all across Canada is going to feel like hell on Earth things burning due to lightning strikes Ontario number one Focus other than Alberta Doug Ford killed Ontario just like Jason Kenney killed Alberta

  2. I don’t believe in polls…I’m 75 and have never been polled for an election yet. The only “poll” that counts is the one on election night. Besides most of the polling is done in Toronto. Pollsters don’t really care what the rest of Canada thinks.

    1. @Victor Grumbo yeah like in 2016 right? Or even the last election said the Conservatives would win and to be fair they won the popular vote. But polls aren’t accurate since they are constantly polling different areas of the country with no indication to constituency which is how elections are determined.

    2. @Mitch Zurbrigg In a bush, why we have running water and shoes that we wear to church. Its amazing this internet thing. WOW

  3. At the beginning of the trend line you can see the rigging of the Green Party’s polling to get them into the debates. According to this they lost about half of their support between
    Aug 12 and Aug 20(WTF??) Also, let’s quit pretending that the Bloc is a federal party, it’s an insult to Canadians.

    1. @Meridian Line nation =/= country. They werent declared independent, and they werent declared a country. Learn the difference before commenting on it.

    2. @NoMoneyNoHamburger more division…you really dont understand the repercussions of separation if thats what youre saying…even the bloc doesnt support separation they know better

    1. The real culprit is the party system where all the elected members have to be absolutely loyal to their leader instead of the schmos who voted for them. Our elections are just popularity contests for the leaders.

    1. @Wood Duck they care because Trudeau is subsidize them since 2020 by giving them millions $ of tax payers money. That’s why they care. They don’t want to lose that cash.

    2. @Nucklez C yeah when you print money you got the dept and the inflation through the roof. Try that one shlomp

  4. When a political party calls my parents to ask for his election support… my dad will always say yes I will vote for you (just to get them off the line) but on election day he votes for another party. 😀 Is that part of the pre-polling?

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